Students need to have health insurance in Germany. They cannot enroll in a university without statutory student health insurance. Germany has two kinds of health insurance systems. One is public health insurance, and the other is private health insurance. Both types of health insurance cover the cost of check-ups, treatment for illness, accidents, pregnancy, medications, and general expenses for hospital stays.

Health care system of Germany:

Germany has one of the most delicate healthcare systems in the world. By law, every German citizen is obligated to have GKV insurance. GKV or Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung is the Public health insurance system in Germany. Roundabout 70 million German residents are using GKV health insurance. The remaining are using private health insurance.

How does student health insurance work?

Student health insurance packages are different as compared to ordinary citizen and employee packages. Students have the option to choose public or private health insurance. In terms of health facilities, both works similar. But public student health insurance is expensive and provides more advanced services. Private student health insurance is relatively cheaper and offers only essential health services.

Contributions for public and private health insurance:

Contributions to public health insurance are purely based on income. But private health insurance contributions are based on the risk profile, which includes the age and medical history of the customer.

Companies offering student health insurance in Germany:

All public companies are offering health insurance packages for students. Students can choose any company according to their wishes and desire. Almost all public health insurance companies have a similar contribution amount with similar facilities. So it doesn’t matter if one has TK or AOK.

Public health insurance companies:

Here is the list of all public health insurance companies. TK, AOK, DAK, and hhk are the most famous among students.

Private health insurance companies:

Approximately 40 private companies in Germany are providing private health insurance to German citizens. But only two or three companies are offering private health insurance to students. Private health insurance packages usually are cheaper for students as compared to public health insurance.

These private companies are offering student health insurance in Germany.

Mawista health insurance is the cheapest and the most popular among international students. That’s why I will mention here the contribution rate of only this company.

Comparison of all public and private student health insurance packages

CompaniesMonthly Premium (unmarried students)*
DAK Gesundheit112.95€
HEK – Hanseatische Krankenkasse111.45€
hkk Krankenkasse106.86€
KKH Kaufmännische Krankenkasse112.95€
Techniker Krankenkasse (TK)110.69€

*There is a slight addition to the total amount for married students. So, better to ask your chosen health insurance company about this.

How to buy student health insurance in Germany?

If you are in your home country, you can get health insurance from blocked account providers like Fintiba or Expatrio. These companies are providing packages with a combination of blocked accounts and public health insurance. Just visit their website, choose a package, and apply online.

In case you arrive in Germany and want to get public health insurance. Then visit any nearest branch of the chosen health insurance company and apply directly. You can also send an online request on their websites. To get private health insurance like Mawista, simply visit their website and apply online.

Which documents do I need to get student health insurance?

Following documents are required to get student health insurance in Germany:

  • Passport
  • University admission letter/matriculation certificate
  • One passport size photo
  • Bank details

FAQs about student health insurance:

What is the best student health insurance in Germany?

According to my personal experience, all insurance companies are good; you just have to choose according to your personal needs. In my case as an international student, TK was the best public health insurance, and Mawista was the best alternative to private health insurance.

I am turning 30, and my university told me I am not eligible to get public health insurance; why?

First of all, don’t worry about German health insurance until you arrive in Germany. The day you leave your country and reach Germany and get German health insurance, your travel health insurance will help you get medical aid.
Secondly, if your age is 30 or above, you cannot enjoy student discount benefits regarding German public health insurance. Mean you are not eligible to get public health insurance as a student. You have to pay the full amount that an ordinary German citizen is paying. If it is compulsory for you because of the university or you are married and have children, then go for this option.
Otherwise, better to take Mawista (private health insurance) with a student classic plus package. To get this, safely travel to Germany, do your registration, and apply online for Mawista health insurance. In just one day, you will get your Mawista health insurance.

Health insurance is compulsory to take admission to a German university, but I turned 30 and cannot afford public health insurance; what will I do?

Don’t worry; visit the Mawista health insurance website, get private health insurance, and apply for admission. After that, when you will be to afford to pay the full amount, switch to public health insurance.

Which are the most significant public healthcare insurance providers in Germany?

AOK, TK, and Barmer are the biggest.

What is the student health insurance cost in Germany?

Public health insurance cost around 105€ and private health insurance start from 33.10€.

Where can I find Allianz student health insurance in Germany?

Mawista is owned by Allianz and offers student health insurance on their behalf.

Which one is the cheapest student health insurance in Germany

Mawista is the cheapest student health insurance in Germany. It starts at 33.10 euros.

Can I change my health insurance whenever I want?

Yes, you can change your health insurance after 12 months. It means, if you want then you can change your health insurance each month.

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