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Uni assist is a corporation backed by 180 German universities. It evaluates and processes admission applications of international students. Students can apply for admission to over 180 German universities via uni-assist. Uni assist charges an amount to process these applications. Before applying via uni-assist, you must check university admission requirements. Because some universities only accept direct admission applications. In this case, don’t send applications via uni-assist.

Admission Application Procedure via uni assist:

Follow this step by step process to apply via uni-assist and payment of the application fee.

  1.  Scan all required documents on your personal computer and give them the right names. (e.g., Ronny Martin_Bachelor Degree)
  2. Visit the uni-assist online portal and register to create your uni-assist account.
  3. Answer the necessary questions and save your entries.
  4. Select your university and the chosen course under search study offers. In higher education entrance qualification, select the option with the “Intermediate Examination” word. If you have an intermediate certificate and a 4 or 5 years bachelor’s degree, “Studienkolleg” does not apply to you. If you apply to an international course with English as a medium of instruction, you don’t need German language test qualifications.
  5. Upload the required documents and give your documents an exact name in German or English.
  6. Create and submit the application form online and print it.
  7. Pay directly or download the credit card payment form from the uni-assist website. Fill in it, and write your applicant number, phone number, and your email ID on the form.
  8. Place your application form on top of the required documents, which must be notarized. Place the payment form on top of the application form. Seal them in an envelope.
  9. In case you are applying to more than one university, place all the application forms on top of the documents. Place the payment form on top of the application form. Seal them in an envelope.
  10. Write the following address on the sealed envelope.
    • (name of the university) c/o uni-assist e.V., 11507 Berlin, GERMANY.
  11. In case of more than one application, write any university name you are applying to.
  12. Send the envelope through any courier service.

Essential tips about application fees:

For multiple applications, you still have to send only one set of notarized documents. You do not need any online transaction slip to pay the fees. Uni-assist’s own credit card form is enough. Once you send the credit card form along with the application form and documents, Uni-assist will register your mail and deduct the money from your credit card. This method normally takes up to 1 week.

Once your payment is received, Uni-assist will update the fees paid status on your online portal to “YES”. You will also receive an acknowledgment email.

Important Info for All Students about the application procedure via uni assist:

After you pay the uni-assist fee via any method, i.e., Credit Card or bank Transfer, kindly attach proof of the payment by using a screenshot if you transfer via credit card. It will be readily available if you use the mobile app of your bank.

The reference number for payment should be visible with the mentioned name of uni-assist. If you transfer via the deposit slip of the bank, then upload a scanned file. Payment proof should be uploaded in the ‘DOCUMENT UPLOAD’ area with a file named ‘concerned university payment’.

For Pakistani Students:

In case you are paying with a UBL Internet wiz card. Then you need to load the uni-assist application fee plus an extra amount for transaction charges. UBL Wiz Card charges a currency exchange tax at the rate of 3.5% of the total amount.

FAQs about the application procedure via uni assist: 

Is it enough to apply only via an online portal?

No, some documents you have to send by post with the application form.

Which documents do I need to send with the application?

You have to send notarized photocopies of all educational certificates and language certificates. Additional documents like a CV/Resume, internship certificates, motivation letter, recommendation letters, and passport copies are sufficient to upload to your uni-assist account.

Do I need to attest all educational certificates before sending them to uni-assist?

Attestation is not required. But you have to send notarized photocopies of all educational certificates. Later you need attested educational certificates to apply for a visa. So better to attest as early as possible.

How can I pay the uni-assist fee from Pakistan?

You can pay with a credit card or via bank transfer from Pakistan. Or you can request any friend or a family member living in Europe to transfer this fee on your behalf. You can also pay with a UBL Wiz internet card, as mentioned above.

Can I send the original documents to the uni-assist?

No, only send notarized photocopies of all documents.

Can I send documents for all universities together in one envelope?


Will I receive a confirmation when my documents have been received by uni-assist?

Yes, you will receive an automatic confirmation of receipt by email, generally within 48 hours after registration of your letter.

How much time does uni-assist take to answer?

Uni assist usually provides evaluation results in 4 to 6 weeks, counting from the date of application and payment received. Uni assist sends this evaluation result by email and by post.

Can I withdraw my application?

Yes, if not processed.

Can I get my fee back if I withdraw my application?

If the application is not processed, then YES otherwise, NO.

What is preliminary review documentation (VPD)?

VPD is called “Vorprüfungsdokumentation” in German. It’s a certificate issued by a uni-assist which students can submit directly to the university at the time of admission. It contains information like which documents you presented to uni-assist, to which universities you can apply for admission, and your grades equal to the German system of grades.

How much is the application fee for uni-assist?

Uni assist charges 75 euros for one application in the desired course of study. For each additional course, it charges 30 euros.
uni assist fee

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