Germany is a popular destination amongst international students because of low tuition fees, a high-standard education system, and inexpensive living costs. But now this perception is changing because rumors are coming that Germany is going to reintroduce tuition fees for non-EU students.

Last year Germany increased the blocked account amount from 8640 to 10,332 euros and now rumors are coming about tuition fees. These latest happenings related to the German education system can be disturbing for non-EU students and affect their decision to come to Germany for higher studies.

Previously there were rumors that the German Government is thinking to reintroduce tuition fees in universities for non-EU students. But a recent report by the German newspaper DW confirms that all the German states are seriously thinking to reintroduce tuition fees in universities.

This fee will only be charged to non-EU students and the expected amount can be 1500 euros per semester. German authorities think that they can increase the revenue of state universities by charging tuition fees. Later this revenue will help to enhance the standard of universities.

This idea to reintroduce tuition fees came from the German state of Baden-Württemberg. This state recently introduced tuition fees for non-EU students in one of its public universities. The interesting fact is that the number of non-EU students increased at this university (University of Freiberg) after reintroducing the tuition fees. According to the officials, the number of non-EU students increased in this university by 100 percent after this change. A huge number of students who belong to poor countries are also included in this increase.

This rise in the number of students and revenue is also changing the mind of other German states. They are rethinking their decision of free education and trying to reintroduce tuition fees for non-EU students. But still, this topic is under discussion and many critics are criticizing this idea.

I hope the German authorities will keep the existing fee structure for non-EU students because students from underdeveloped countries like India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh will not afford this increase. Tuition fees will double their expenses and these students will definitely think about other options and which will affect as well their position as the number 1 student destination in Germany.

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