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German universities offer free bachelor’s degrees to both local and international students. It is also easy to integrate into German society with a bachelor’s degree. Because 99% of bachelor’s degrees are only offered in German language and students learn a good level of German to pass a bachelor’s degree. These language skills help them to integrate into German society easily and also help in getting a good job in Germany. Now if you want to study bachelor’s in Germany then follow these steps:

Almost all public universities in Germany offer master’s degrees tuition-free to both local and foreign students. A huge number of master’s degrees in Germany are offered in English langauge. So, if you don’t want to learn the German language then it’s a good option to study masters in Germany. Now if you want to study master’s in Germany then follow these steps:

Pro Tip: If your plan is to do a job in Germany and you want to stay in Germany after getting the degree then must learn the German language. Because it’s hard to get a job and permanent residence in Germany without the German language.

Germany is extremely famous to do a PhD. And, a lot of German universities offer scholarships and funding to PhD students. So, if you are planning to do PhD in Germany then read the below article.

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