Documents required to apply admission in German university

You are going to apply for admission to a German university and confused about the documents required for admission application. Then don’t be confused, I will tell you the list of documents that required for admission application.

Prepare all the documents according to the requirement of the university in which you are going to apply for admission. Send all the documents that university mentioned in requirements. One missing document can become the reason of rejection. So give full attention to each document.

Send always photocopies of attested degrees and certificates. Check this article to know which documents you have to attest and send to university for admission.

List of Documents Required to Apply Admission in German University:

  • Motivation letter
  • CV
  • IELTS certificate
  • Master degree (if you are going to apply for Phd)
  • Bachelor Degree (if you are going to apply for master degree)
  • Intermediate certificate (if you are going to apply for studienkolleg)
  • Matriculation certificate
  • Experience certificate (if requirement of admission)
  • Attach any additional document mentioned on university website
FAQs about Documents Required to Apply Admission in German University:

I am waiting for degree, can I apply admission with result card?

Yes, get final marksheet form your university and attest from HEC and use it for admission.

Do I need equivalence certificate?

No, you don’t need.

Can I use university issued English language proficiency letter for admission?

Yes you can, but with this letter chances to get admission and visa are fifty 50.

Do I need to translate all my degrees and certificate?

No, in Pakistan usually all certificates and degrees issued in English language and its acceptable in Germany.

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