If you are planning to study in a German university and want to know the real cost to study in Germany. Then I am going to tell you an overview of all the possible costs.

Keep in mind, these costs are a must even if you study in a tuition-free german university.

  1. Cost of certificates and degrees attestation.
    • Cost of matriculation and intermediate certificates attestation: Rs. 5000
    • Cost of bachelor’s degree attestation: Rs. 800
    • Notary attestation (one set of photocopies): Rs. 1000
  2. Courier costs to send admission applications to uni-assist or German universities. These charges depend on the chosen courier service and the number of universities.
    • Estimated cost: Rs. 5000
  3. Uni-assist charges (if you will apply through uni-assist).
    • 75 euro (approx Rs. 18000)
  4. Money for a blocked account.
    • For one-year: 11,208 euros (Rs. 2700000)
    • Additional costs for bank transfer. Rs. 10-30000
    • Blocked account set up fee: 80 euros (Rs.19000)
  5. Passport return charges. (only for Islamabad embassy)
    • Rs. 500
  6. Bank charges. (only for Islamabad embassy)
    • Rs. 700
  7. Visa fee of German embassy:
    • 80 euros (Rs.19000)
  8. Around Rs. 5000 for travel insurance.
  9. Rs. 70 to 80,000 for air tickets.
  10. Traveling cost for all above steps: Rs. 15000
  11. Accommodation reservation cost.
    • At least 500 euros (Rs. 120000)
  12. Money to bring with you other than blocked account money.
    • At least 500 euros (Rs. 120000)

So the total cost that you can expect to study in Germany can be Rs. 3,139,000 (approx 13,300 euros). This cost to study in Germany is approximate so the real figure can be less or more.

*Above amounts are according to the current exchange rate.
**Total cost estimated without tuition fee or semester ticket charges.

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