If you are planning to apply German Family Reunion Visa for your spouse then follow these tips to get FRV on a fast track.

  1. Do Nikkah and Rukhsatti in your home country. Must make at least a photo album of all the events. If you make both movie and album then it will be good.
  2. Make sure Nikkah Registrar and Union Council write all information on the Nikkah Nama and Marriage Certificate correctly (especially spellings).
  3. Encourage your spouse to immediately start the German A1 language course (if you don’t have a Blue Card visa or you don’t have sufficient knowledge of German). Also, encourage your spouse to get an A1 certificate as early as possible.
  4. Change the spouse’s ID card and Passport (if she already has a passport) by adding the husband’s name and the husband’s Pakistani home address on both. If she doesn’t have a passport then make a new passport according to the changed ID card.
  5. Don’t change the last name of your spouse if she is educated and wants to study further in Germany. In this case, you have to change your spouse’s last name on all of her educational documents. It’s a long a time-consuming process. If your spouse is uneducated or just has an education till 12th grade and she doesn’t want to study further in Germany then you can change her second name. In this case, you don’t need to change her name on any documents except her passport (if she already has one).
  6. Get a translation of your Nikkah Nama, Marriage Certificate, and Birth Certificate in German from an authorized translator, and also get them notarized by a lawyer or notary public.
    • Note: Before submission of all documents to the German embassy, cross-check names on all documents, dates, and spellings.
  7. After reaching Germany, visit Rathaus or Burgersamt (whatever is in your city) and submit all these documents and register your marriage. Also, tell them that you want to apply German Family Reunion Visa for your spouse. In Germany, they normally ask for the following documents for marriage registration:
    • Wife passport copy
    • Nikkah Nama translation
    • Marriage Certificate translation
    • Birth Certificate translation
    • Husband Salary Slips
    • House Contract with minimum space of 24 square meters. If you have children then requirements can be different.
  8. Try to get proof from Rathaus/Burgeramt which verifies that they have info about your marriage and about your spouse. This proof is very important and plays an important role to get a German Family Reunion Visa (FRV) from the embassy.
  9. Send this proof, a copy of your certificate of residency in Germany (Meldebescheinigung), and a copy of your Residence Permit to your spouse for visa application.
  10. Make sure that your spouse makes a visa file according to the checklist of the German embassy.
  11. Before submission of all documents to the German embassy, cross-check names on all documents, dates, and spellings.
  12. Prepare a photo album for all the marriage events. (visa officer can ask to show the pictures)
  13. Make sure your spouse brings both old (if you have) and new passports to the embassy.
  14. When you are 100% sure that everything is correct and fine then tell your spouse to submit the FRV file to the German embassy.
  15. Give confidence to your spouse for the interview and provide her with all the necessary information (your city name, address, job, etc.)
  16. When everything will be according to a checklist of the embassy then your spouse will get a family reunion (FRV) visa quickly.

If you have any questions about the German Family Reunion Visa then ask at XpatsForum.com

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