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Many couples ask this question is it possible for a couple to study together in Germany? And the answer is yes, you can study together in Germany as a couple. There are two possible ways to study in Germany as a couple.

The first way is to apply for admission together to the same German university, get admission, apply for a student visa, and study in Germany together as a couple.

The second way is for one individual to apply for admission to a German university, get admission, apply for a student visa, go to Germany, and apply for a spouse visa for their partner. Once your partner arrives in Germany, they can apply for admission to the same university and study together.

Most couples adopt the second way because it is easy and also helps couples to stay longer in Germany. What do couples normally do? One partner studies at a university and when they complete their degree, the other partner starts studying and both live in Germany legally.

But the most important thing to achieve this is finances. First, you will need money to apply for a spouse visa. Second, you will need extra money for living expenses, and third, you will need money for spouse visa extensions. If you can fulfill these requirements, it will be very easy for you to stay and study in Germany as a couple. You and your partner can also manage your living expenses by doing part-time jobs.

What will be the cost for a couple to study together in Germany?

The cost for one person’s admission and visa process can be around 3 million rupees. It includes the amount of a blocked account and other expenses. If two people will apply then the cost will be doubled.

What is the best way to apply?

As I explained above, the second method is more budget-friendly and effective. It’s also easy if you are financially good.

What are the pros and cons to study in Germany as a couple?

Studying in Germany as a couple has both advantages and disadvantages. Some of the pros of studying in Germany as a couple include the ability to support each other academically and emotionally, the opportunity to share the experience of living and studying in a new country, and the potential to save on housing and living expenses by sharing resources. Additionally, couples who are studying in Germany may be eligible for a spouse visa, which allows their partner to join them and study at the same university.

On the other hand, there are also some potential drawbacks to studying in Germany as a couple. For example, finding suitable housing and managing your finances can be a challenge, especially if one or both partners are working part-time jobs to support themselves. Additionally, couples may face logistical challenges when it comes to coordinating their schedules and academic goals. Finally, couples who are studying in Germany may face social and cultural challenges as they adjust to life in a new country. Overall, the pros and cons of studying in Germany as a couple will depend on each couple’s individual circumstances and goals.

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