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Application deadlines for German universities

The application deadlines vary from one German university to another. Some German universities open admissions only for winter semesters in each year. And, some German universities open admissions for both winter and summer semesters.

Sometimes the admission deadlines of a particular university can be different from the standard admission deadlines (as mentioned below). So better to check the admission deadlines on the website of the chosen university in advance.

Application deadlines & processing time:

Generally, the following application deadlines are used to apply for admission to German universities.

  • Winter Semester 2020: Admission deadline is 15th July
    • Universities send an acceptance letter in August or September.
    • Universities send rejection letters in September or October.
  • Summer Semester 2020: Admission deadline is 15th January
    • Universities send a letter of acceptance in February or March.
    • Universities send rejection letter in March or April.

Admission deadlines for Studienkolleg (preparatory courses) can be different from the above-mentioned dates. So check these details in well advance on the website of the chosen institute and start your admission and visa process accordingly.

Document requirements for admission application:

Students required the following documents with the admission application in general.

  • Motivation letter
  • Resume
  • Copies of all previous educational documents
  • Language proficiency certificate

Some universities can demand these additional documents.

  • Recommendation letters
  • Previous degree curriculum
  • Experience certificate

It is important to read admission deadlines, instructions, and document requirements attentively. So, first carefully read all the instructions, note all the requirements and then arrange all the required documents.

FAQs about application deadlines for German universities:

How long do German universities take to respond to admission applications?

Normally German universities respond to admission applications in three to six weeks. Universities usually take more time to send rejection letters to applicants.

What is the German university admission deadline for the summer semester 2020?

The admission deadline for the winter semester 2020 is 15th July.

What is the German university admission deadline for the winter semester 2020?

The admission deadline for the summer semester 2020 is 15th January.

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