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Are you looking for a German university for admission? You know, Germany is the number one education destination as a non-English speaking country. It is also a top education destination for international students, especially non-EU students.

A German education system based on high-quality curriculum and research methodologies. This high-standard education system makes it possible for German universities to always stay in the world ranking.

Now, almost all public universities in Germany are offering courses in the English language. These courses are mostly tuition-free or have very affordable prices. That’s why more and more students want to study in Germany.

The first thing that comes to mind to study in Germany is finding the right university for admission. The proper university means a university that offers the same subjects you are looking for admission. There are several ways to find the right German university for admission. I will explain all of this one by one.

Finding a German university on Daad portals

Daad (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst) is a German academic exchange service organization primarily funded by the German Government. It provides a database where German educational institutes publish their admission advertisements. Daad database is one of the most famous and widely used online portals to find German universities.

On the Daad database, you can search for many German universities based on subject criteria and other disciplines. Daad offers two databases: ‘Daad’ and the other with the name of ‘Study in Germany‘. You can use both or any of them to find a suitable German university for admission. I usually recommend both of them because both databases are different.

Finding a German university on the uni-assist portal

uni-assist also offers a database to search German universities for admission the same as Daad. This database is different from Daad because it only provides German universities that work with uni-assist. So, it is an excellent source to find a complete list of German universities.

On the uni-assist database, you can search German universities based on different German states and cities. It also provides links to international courses that universities are offering for international students. You can check all German universities one by one and choose the best universities for admission.

Master Portal

Finally, the Master Portal is also an excellent source for finding suitable German universities for admission. However, it’s not a German official database like Daad and uni-assist, but it’s a private database managed by this website. I also found a German university through this portal in 2016, where I am currently studying. So, I also recommend this to students.

Start the admission and visa process:

Once you select a German university for admission, start the admission and visa process as early as possible. To know more about this process, choose the below-mentioned links according to your country of origin.

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