Acquiring a foreign scholarship always remains the dream of all the students. Every student wants to study in a foreign country with a foreign scholarship. But the majority of the students don’t know how to find and apply for foreign scholarships. It’s because, they don’t know which kind of foreign scholarships are available for international students.

Getting a foreign scholarship is not a rocket science if you apply with full preparation. You also don’t need to be an Einstein. Simply if you are a good student and have reasonable grades. Then you can apply for these scholarships and try you luck.

But before telling you the list of these top foreign scholarships. I will tell you some important requirements that must to be fulfilled before scholarship application. Without fulfillment of these requirements, getting a scholarship can remain a dream not reality.

English Language Test:

You will definity study in a foreign country in English language. So English language certificate is one of the basic requirement of all foreign scholarships. That’s why, try to improve your English and prepare for a English language test.

Currently two major English tests are acceptable around the world: TOEFL and IELTS. Go for any of them and try to get highest band. Higher band in English test will increase your chances to get a foreign scholarship.

Personal Statement:

Personal statement or motivation letter is the second most important requirement to get a foreign scholarship. It’s a statement in which a person explain his personality, qualities, abilities, experiences, strengths, future goals and why he or she want to get particular scholarship.

Personal statement is the face of a scholarship application. So write it by yourself and honestly. Get an idea from other samples but don’t copy paste. Try to write your personal statement in your own words.

The GRE Test:

GRE test is only required if you want to apply for American scholarships. For other countries its not required. So prepare this exam in a good way and try to get good score if you want to get an American scholarship.

Research Proposal:

Research proposal is only required if you apply through a university professor. Try to make an excellent proposal with unique topic related to your field of study. Uniqueness of topic and well prepared proposal can increase your chances to get funding from professor or university.

List of Foreign Scholarships:

There are two types of scholarship programs in which students can apply. One type of scholarship programs are offered by states and other offered by big universities like Harvard university. These scholarships are mostly offered for bachelor, master and Phd level. Here is the list of states offered foreign scholarships:

You can check scholarship announcement dates, requirements and eligibility criteria on official websites of these scholarships.

If you want to get second type of scholarship that is university scholarship. Then you can follow two options according to your education level. First option is for those who want to study bachelor or master in a foreign country. For this, you have to apply for admission in your desired university like Harvard university or TU Berlin. Then you have to apply further for funding in this particular university. You can do this by requesting student department of that university. Student departments always help students to get this funding if they meet eligibility criteria.

Second option is for Phd student. They have to make a thesis proposal and try to contact with professors of desired universities. Contact details of professors like email address they can get from universities official websites.

Try to make a solid proposal related to your field of study and send it to professors with personal statement and recommendations letters. Recommendation letter you can get from professors of your previous university.

Once a professor accept your proposal then immediately request him for funding. Most of the professors of big universities easily arrange funding for Phd students. If one will not accept then send to next professor in next university.

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