An academic CV or Resume for admission showcases your earlier educational qualifications, research experiences, and skills. In the USA, it is referred to as a curriculum vitae, in the United Kingdom it is called an academic CV, and in Germany, it is known as a Lebenslauf. Academic CVs are typically used to apply for educational programs such as a Master’s or Ph.D. The format of this CV is relatively similar across all countries.

Academic CVs are typically long and detailed, in contrast to CVs used for job applications. KISS principle is used in the German job CV format, KISS stands for “Keep It Short and Simple,” while academic CVs tend to be the opposite.

An academic CV includes comprehensive information about your educational achievements, research activities, grades, publications, honors, and awards. You can also include a list of all the courses related to your degrees, as well as the grades you received.

Students can also add a personal statement to their academic CV, which is typically not found in German job CV formats. This section allows students to highlight their future career goals, and all the important reasons for choosing their course/degree, and university.

Additionally, academic CVs may include literary references. These can be two, three, or four professors with their relevant contact information. These literary references are not essential for bachelor’s and master’s students but are extremely important for Ph.D. students.

If you are seeking employment in Germany, you may choose to omit the personal statement and references from your academic CV. Bachelor’s and Master’s graduates should aim to keep their CVs to one or two pages, while Ph.D. graduates can extend it to two or three pages, depending on their level of experience and the amount of information they wish to include.

Template of Academic CV:

Use the download button to save the academic CV template to your computer, and then edit it with your personal information.

Academic CV for admission – 1/3
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Academic CV for admission – 3/3
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