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Academic CV for admission in German Universities

An academic CV for admission shows your previous educational qualifications, skills, and research experiences. A resume is named curriculum vitae in the USA, an academic CV in the United Kingdom, and Lebenslauf in Germany. Academic CVs are usually used to apply for educational programs like master’s and Ph.D. The format of this CV is almost the same in all the countries.

Academic CVs usually are long and detailed as compared to CVs used for job applications. The German job CV format follows the KISS rule, which means “Keep It Short & Simple,” but academic CVs are the opposite.

An academic CV contains educational accomplishments, research activities, publications, grades, awards, and honors in detail. You can also add all the courses related to the degrees and the grades you have obtained.

Students can also add a personal statement in an academic CV, which is usually not included in German job CV formats. They can highlight their career goals, reasons to choose the course, and university in this personal statement.

They can add academic references as well in this CV. These academic references can be two or three with the pertinent contact details of the professors. These references are not crucial for bachelor and master students but extremely important for Ph.D. students.

Academic CV template:

Use the download button to save the academic CV template on your computer and edit it with your details.

Academic CV for admission – 1/3
Academic CV for admission – 2/3
Academic CV for admission – 3/3


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