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What is the Motivation Letter?

A motivation letter is a letter that proves why a student is a perfect candidate for a degree program. A motivation letter is also recognized as a ‘Statement of Purpose (SOP)’, a motivational Letter’, or a ‘letter of motivation’, so don’t get confused about the different names.

A student expresses his motivation and professional competencies in a motivation letter. He also precisely describes in a motivation letter the reason for choosing a particular subject and the university. He describes his motive, passion, professional competence, and benefits to society as well. He writes every point according to his educational background and chosen degree or course he wants to study in the future.

Why is the Motivation Letter important?

A motivation letter is crucial because it is a prime impression document that can unlock entry doorways to a German university. That’s why it is essential to write it with full attention. It must document if you want to get admitted to an educational program (undergraduate, graduate, or postgraduate) at a German university.

How to Write a Motivation Letter?

University admission committees take the motivation letter very seriously, so you should write in it all your motivations, educational background, professional competencies, and passions. Also write, why you chose a particular subject and the university, future career goals, and how your degree will benefit your society or country of origin.

Try not to copy-paste a motivation letter from the internet; avoid copying a friend’s motivation letter because a letter that explains someone else’s background will not explain your background in the best way. So, try to write a motivation letter for yourself according to your background and future aims.

Don’t repeat or write nonsense stories of your life in a motivational letter. Keep it precise, simple, and to the point, and write according to your passion and university requirements.

Don’t send a generic motivation letter to each university. Please do some research about the chosen university and program, customize it accordingly, and then send it to the university. It will help you stand out from the pile of other applicants.

In conclusion, keep the following things in mind when writing your motivation letter:

  • Directly start with the purpose of the application.
  • Introduce yourself with your educational background and experience.
  • Write a reason for choosing a particular course and university.
  • Must write the career goals and the benefits you can give to society after completing the degree.
  • Write a little bit about your leisure activities and extracurricular activities.
  • Keep it short and straightforward.
  • Don’t repeat the same things again and again.
  • A motivation letter is not your CV or Resume, so write it differently.
  • Stay serious, and do not put humor in it.
  • Must do the proofread and remove the mistakes.
  • Write precisely and should not exceed form a single A4-size page.
  • Finally, always keep the motivation letter on top of the application.

Example of Motivation Letter:

Below is a sample of the motivation letter for admission to a German university. Take a concept from this sample letter and adjust it according to your data.

Motivation Letter:


Technische Universität Dresden

Dear Sir/Madam,

I want to submit my credentials to TU Dresden for the ‘Supply Chain Management master’s degree program.

I graduated from Iqra University in Pakistan in 2010. I got a years bachelor of business administration degree from this university. Moreover, I have work experience of two years in this field which is one of this program’s requirements.

I chose supply chain management as my future profession because I have been interested in this field since my bachelor’s degree. My fascination with this field came from my father, who runs his own business. This degree program will be beneficial for my future career growth and strengthen my employability in the supply chain field.

I chose this degree program because it focuses on operations management, advanced logistics, manufacturing, distribution, and supply chain management, and all these areas are very important for my future career growth. I also have a little know-how about these subjects because of a bachelor’s in business administration. The other reason to choose this course is TU Dresden. Technical University Dresden is the 7th most reputable university in Germany, and its national and international ranking will also help me secure a higher-level job.

English language is the official language of Pakistan, and it is used as a medium of instruction in schools, colleges, and universities from secondary level to doctoral studies. I also studied the English language from secondary school to a bachelor’s. So, I am fully able to understand all the subjects and lectures in the English language. I also have an IELTS certificate with 6.5 bands to fulfill the admission requirements of the university.

After I graduated from university, I passed the job interview and got a job in MH Pvt Ltd. as a material planner. A career with MH allowed me to understand supply chain management deeply. I found that a Master’s degree is significant to becoming a supply chain manager in my country. This point also became a motivation factor for me to apply for this master’s degree program.

I became familiar with the Pakistan-China-economic corridor during my job when I made business trips to the country and worked with different national and international organizations. This thing has revealed how vital the Pakistan-China-economic-corridor shortly. It will not only link China’s trade with the whole world but also become a starting point for future global trade. As you know, almost all international companies are making their trade from China, and they will use this corridor to enhance their trade operations. These companies will try to make their offices and warehouses along this corridor. Therefore, I have a high chance of getting a managerial-level job in my country after completing a foreign degree. That is why I want to study abroad to gain new knowledge about supply chain management, get new life experiences, learn more about other cultures, and meet people with diverse backgrounds.

I conclude that Germany is the most suitable country to get these skills and study supply chain management as it is a large business hub in Europe. Also, I was glad to discover that your university is located in a beautiful city that is one of the paramount business centers in Germany. I believe that the supply chain management program provided by TU Dresden will be the best option for my career growth.

Concerning my character, I assume that I am a very trustworthy person who desires to learn new things, diverse cultures, and experiences. I always interact with new people with understanding and respect. That’s why I have some good friends in Asia, Europe, and in the USA. Making friends is one of my significant abilities. I have a photography craze, as well. I also like to read books and English literature.

Moreover, I regularly attend Art Council performances such as the Karachi Art Council, Alhamra Theater, and others. I belong to a wonderful family and love spending time with them. They always encourage and support me.

In the end, I want to say that I am very much interested in studying at TU Dresden. Please give me a possibility/chance to study in this master’s degree program to enhance my supply chain skills, experiences, and ideas.


Applicant’s Name

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