If you are living in Germany as a student and want to visit the UK then you have to apply for the UK visit visa from Germany. This visitor visa procedure is for those students who belong to countries that don’t have visa-free entry to the UK. For example, Pakistani, Indian, and Bangladeshi students need a visa to visit the UK.

Documents required to apply for a UK Standard Visitor Visa:

If you want to visit the UK from Germany then you need the following documents required in order to apply for a UK standard visitor visa.

  • Valid passport.
  • German residence permit.
  • Financial document (e.g bank statement, proof of earning).
  • If anybody will financially support you during your visit and stay in the UK then you need to provide the financial details of that person.
  • Proof of stay or hotel booking.
UK Standard Visitor Visa
UK Standard Visitor Visa

UK Standard Visitor Visa application fee:

A visa application fee for a short-term standard visitor visa for the UK is £95. This short term standard visitor visa remains valid for six months (with single or multiple entries).

The visa application fee for a long-term standard visitor visa depends on the duration of your stay in the UK. According to the duration of a standard visitor visa, the fee will be as follows:

  • 2 years = £361
  • 5 years = £655
  • 10 years = £822

You will pay an equivalent amount in Euros in the UK embassy. Please pay the visa fee according to your own requirements.

Procedure to apply for UK Standard Visitor Visa:

  • Go to the official visa application website of the UK.
  • Carefully read all the instructions from step 1 to 7 and proceed further.
  • Choose your nationality and the country from which you are going to apply for a visa.
  • Make an account with personal details.
  • Fill in all the forms and select the embassy location where you want to give your biometric details. You have the option to select one of the three locations in Germany for biometric verification e.g Berlin, Munich or Dusseldorf.
  • Select a date of the appointment that is convenient for you.
  • Pay the visa application fee online according to short-term or long term visa.
  • Appear in the selected location of the UK embassy on appointment day, give your fingerprints and pictures.
  • Get the visa, book your flight and enjoy your journey to the UK.
  • Don’t forget to share your experience in the comments or on our forum.

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