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We all know, Germany is offering tuition-free education. But it is necessary to prepare how you will finance your complete stay in Germany. Because once you arrive in Germany. You will require funds to support your living expenses. There are many options available for international students to finance their entire education stay in Germany. Of all these options, scholarships are the best choice.

Nowadays, many organizations are offering scholarships for Germany. These scholarships are awarded through different kinds of regional and international scholarship programs. All these scholarships for Germany are offered for various study levels.

Below is the list of top scholarships for Germany that are mostly offered to international students. Of these scholarships, some are funded by the German government, some are funded by private organizations, some are funded by churches, and some are funded by research institutes.

List of top scholarships for Germany 2023:

  • DAAD scholarships
  • Erasmus scholarships
  • DFG scholarships
  • Max Planck Institute scholarships
  • DKFZ Ph.D. scholarships
  • The Heinrich Böll Foundation

DAAD scholarships for Master and PhD students

The Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD) is the most significant German academic exchange service that grants Germany scholarships. It offers a wide range of scholarships for doctoral and postdoctoral courses offered by German universities.

Mostly, Daad offers these scholarships to extraordinary or talented students. Depending on the academic level, Daad pays from 900 EUR to 1,300 EUR per month to a scholarship-awarded candidate.

Erasmus scholarships for Master and PhD students

Erasmus is the biggest European student exchange scheme. It offers scholarships to both EU and non-EU students. These scholarship fundings fully cover all the living and educational expenses. The Erasmus scholarship program is very famous as well the same as the Daad scholarships.

DFG scholarships to Master and PhD students

DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft) is a self-governing research foundation in Germany. It gets funding from the federal government and other German states. This foundation provides scholarships to foreign students the same as DAAD.

The Max Planck Institute scholarships for Master and PhD students

Max Planck Institute is a private German research institute. It also provides funding and research opportunities to master students, who want to pursue their Ph.D. in Germany. This institute offers scholarships irrespective of country of origin.

DKFZ Ph.D. scholarships

The Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum (DKFZ) is the most extensive research organization in Germany about biomedical. This institute offers Ph.D. scholarships to international students. DKFZ scholarship program is suitable for all types of medical students.

The Heinrich Böll Foundation scholarships for undergraduate, master, and PhD students

Heinrich Böll Foundation (HBF) is a German constitutionally autonomous political foundation and is part of the German Green Party. This foundation also offers scholarships to international students for undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D. programs.

Social and religious institutes

In Germany, many social and religious institutes like big churches also provide scholarships to international students. But mostly these scholarships remain bound to the religion or faith. Like Cusanuswerk offers scholarships only to catholic students.

Requirements and application procedure:

Generally, each scholarship program has its own requirements. So better to visit the official portal of the desired scholarship program and check the requirements there. The application procedure is mentioned on their portals as well. So, follow the guidelines and apply accordingly.

How to get PhD and funding with sponsorship?

Suppose you have the passion to do PhD in Germany but are unable to find a scholarship. Then don’t worry, you can get PhD and funding through another method. Most of the students use this method and successfully obtain their PhD.

  • Take 2 or 3 recommendation letters from professors of your previous university.
  • Choose a unique topic for research.
  • Write a research proposal.
  • Write a motivation letter by highlighting your enthusiasm for this topic and write as well why you want to do PhD in Germany.
  • Collect names of German universities that offer your research-related courses. You can do this with an online search.
  • On the websites of these universities, search links of departments related to your area of interest. Then get the professors’ names and email addresses responsible for these departments.
  • Now one by one send a request for a PhD to all these professors via email. In this email first, attach your motivation letter, then recommendation letters, then your research proposal, and other educational documents.
  • Once the professor accepts your proposal, immediately ask him about funding for your living expenses. Most of the university professors in Germany work on different projects and have a budget to support researchers.
  • If the professor agrees to provide you with funding. Then get your offer letter and apply for the student visa.
  • That’s it. Enjoy your PhD in Germany.

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