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Requirements to study in Germany for Indian students

Study in Germany for Indian students is free because, Germany offers tuition-free education to local and international students. This tuition-free education is one of the big reasons why international students especially Indian students want to study in Germany. This is also the reason why German public universities are offering thousands of courses in the English language to attract more and more international students.

Indian students in Germany:

You know that India is the second biggest contributor country that is sending its students to Germany for higher studies. Currently, around 17,294 Indian students are studying in different German universities.

Process to study in Germany for Indian students:

If you desire to study in Germany as an Indian student then you can follow this process. I am going to split this process into two parts. The first part will include information about the admission process and the second part will include visa information. If you really want to study in Germany then take the whole process seriously. One minor mistake can become the reason for admission or visa rejection.

Admission process:

Language requirements to study in Germany for Indian students:

Bachelor: If you want to do a bachelor’s in Germany after your 12th grade then you have to study first the foundation course (Studienkolleg). Most of the bachelor’s degrees are only offered in the German language that’s why this foundation course is also available only in the German language. That’s why it is necessary to learn the German language if you want to do a bachelor’s in Germany. You have to learn the German language up to the B2 level in order to get admission to Studienkolleg.

Master: If you want to study master’s degree (in the English language) in Germany then you need an IELTS certificate with 6+ bands. If you studied your bachelor’s already in the English language then you can also use the English language proficiency certificate of your previous university.

So first get the language proficiency certificate then move to the next steps of the admission process.

Required documents for admission:

For Studienkolleg (foundation course):

  • Matriculation certificate (10th grade)
  • Intermediate certificate (12th grade)
  • German language proficiency certificate B2

For master degree:

  • Matriculation certificate (10th grade)
  • Intermediate certificate (12th grade)
  • Bachelor degree
  • IELTS certificate/English language proficiency certificate

Make also a set of notary attested photocopies of all above-mentioned documents. Later I will tell you why.

Admission process for Studienkolleg:

  • Scan above mentioned documents on your computer.
  • Search Studienkolleg on Daad portal.
  • Choose your desired Studeinkolleg.
  • Check its admission requirements and procedure.
  • Apply for admission online by using scanned documents.
  • Get acceptance letter.

Admission process for master degree program:

  • Scan above mentioned documents on your computer.
  • Search your desired master programs on the Daad portal.
  • Choose your desired universities and courses.
  • Check their admission requirements and admission procedure.
  • Some German universities accept direct admissions on their online portals and others accept via uni-assist. So, carefully check the admission procedure.
  • If a German university accepts direct admission then apply directly on their portal by using the scanned documents.
  • If a German university accepts admission applications via uni-assist then visit the uni-assist portal and apply there by using scanned documents. Also, send them your admission application by post with notary attested photocioes.
  • If everything will be according to the admission requirement then you will get the acceptance letter from your university.

If you want to do PhD in Germany as an Indian student then check this article.

Open a blocked account:

Once you get an acceptance letter from your desired German university then arrange 10,332 euros for a blocked account. A blocked account is necessary to prove that you have enough money to bear your living expenses in Germany. (scholarship options)

You can open a blocked account in the following Indian banks:

Or, you can open a blocked account in the following German banks:

  • Deutsche bank
  • Fintiba
  • Coracle
  • Expatrio

See the comparison of all blocked accounts.

Visa process:

Required documents for visa application:

First, prepare the following documents in order to apply for a study visa (national visa).

  • Valid passport
  • Application form & declaration (in accordance with Section 54 of the Residence Act) duly signed
  • Declaration for Additional contact and legal representation information
  • Copy of your passport’s data page (A4 size copy)
  • Statement of purpose / Motivation letter
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Educational documents (original and 2 copies)
  • IELTS / English language proficiency certificate (original and 2 copies)
  • Blocked account confirmation letter (with 10332 euros)
  • 3 passport size biometric pictures
  • Travel health insurance for approx 3 months (starting from the date of enrollment mentioned in your admission letter)

Prepare two sets of photocopies of all the above-mentioned documents and one set with original documents. You will submit two sets of photocopies. Show original documents to the visa officer when he will ask about them.

Visa fee:

The national visa (study visa) fee is 75 € that you can pay in Indian rupees (according to the current exchange rate) but with a Demand Draft.

Schedule an appointment for visa interview:

Get a visa appointment via VFS or book a visa appointment at the nearest Embassy/Consulate.

German Embassy New DelhiVFS Global: 022-67866013 and/or online
German Consulate General Bangaloreonline
German Consulate General Chennaionline
German Consulate General KolkataVFS Global: 022-67866013 and/or online
German Consulate General MumbaiVFS Global: 022-67866013 and/or online

Appear in Embassy/Consulate:

On the day of visa appointment, appear in the embassy or in the consulate. Submit your documents and give a visa interview.

Fly to Germany:

Get your visa, book your flight ticket, pack your luggage, and fly to Germany.

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