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Follow these steps to attest your SSC and HSSC certificates from the Rawalpindi board. In the first round, prepare the following documents before leaving for attestation.

Required Documents: 

  • 2 photocopies (front and back) of each of your certificates.
  • 1 photocopy of your CNIC. If yours then 1 copy of ‘form B’.

Note: Sometimes they don’t ask for originals, but better to take them along with you. Never submit your original documents because BISE only attests photocopies. Only IBBC attests to the originals.

Verification Process:

  • Visit BISE Rawalpindi which is located in Morgah, Rawalpindi.
  • Straight away, go to counter no.03 and get a form of certificate verification.
  • There are 02 types of verifications:
    • The fee for local departments and institutions is PKR 1,100 per certificate.
    • Abroad type verification that mostly used for IBCC attestation. You will have to get the abroad type verification if you want to abroad. The fee for abroad-type verification is PKR 2,400 per certificate as of January 2020. PKR 4,800 in total.
  • Go to the HBL counter located on the extreme right of the corridor and get the challan form from there. Fill it, deposit the amount, i.e., PKR 4,800, and get the receipts. You will get 2 receipts attached to each other. Board copy attached with the application form and keep receipt number 3 with yourself.
  • Now visit window number 3, and provide them the verification form (filled), challan slip (the slip you got from HBL bank), two copies of both the certificates (SSC/HSSC), and one copy of your identity card (CNIC). Just tell them that you want this attestation for IBCC or to travel abroad.
  • The guy on the counter no 03 will return you one receipt of the bank challan with a token number written on the backside of the challan, which you’ll have to present when you go to receive your attested photocopies of the certificates.
  • You’ll get your attested copies within 3-4 working days, so plan to visit the Rawalpindi board accordingly.
  • They will give you these copies in a sealed envelope. Please don’t open the sealed envelope and take it directly to IBCC for further attestation.

Extra Notes: Please take a pen with you or buy one from the shop outside the board. While submitting the documents, mention to the officer that you want attested-copies in a sealed envelope for IBCC attestation.

Rawalpindi board remains open on Saturdays too. FBISE opens at 08:00 am and close at 03:00 pm. You’ll get your attested copies within 3-4 working days. If you need to get further attested copies, then each additional copy will cost 100 rupees. You have to deposit this additional fee with the main attestation fee in the HBL counter.

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