German Grade Conversion Formula

German Grade Conversion Formula

German grading system is different as compare to Pakistani grading system. 1 considered as very good and 5 considered as insufficient or fail in German grading system. Instead, in Pakistani universities, 4 considered as very good and 1.75 considered as failed. Different Pakistani universities have different minimum passing grades but here I used 1.75 which was min passing grade in my university.

If you already completed your school, college certificate or bachelor or master degree from a Pakistani university and want to convert your grades equivalent to German grade. Then use this modified Bavarian formula:

German Study Guide german grade convertor formula and explanations

To convert your grade into German grade, you have to subtract your achieved grade from maximum possible grades of your university. Then divide the result by the maximum possible grades of your university minus the lowest passing grade at your university. Then multiply the result by three and add 1. Result will be your German grade.

For example:

Maximum grade in your university: 4.00 (GPA)
Your final grade: 3.02
Minimum passing grade: 1.75
Apply formula: (4.00 – 3.02 / 4.00 – 1.75) x 3 + 1 = 2.3 (your German grade)

There are several grading formulas used in German education system on different levels. But German universities used above mentioned modified bavarian formula. According to this formula grading scores looks like this.

PercentageGerman GradeDescription
90 – 100%1.0 – 1.3“sehr gut” (very good)
80 – 90%1.7 – 2.0 – 2.3“gut” (good)
65 – 80%2.7 – 3.0 – 3.3“befriedigend” (satisfactory)
50 – 65%3.7 – 4.0“ausreichend” (sufficient)
0 – 50%5.0“mangelhaft”, “ungenügend”, “nicht bestanden” (insufficient / failed)

One kind advice for all the Pakistani students. Don’t convert your score to German grading system until specifically asked by the German university. Always apply first with the grading scale used by your homeland university. Many Pakistani students get rejection from German universities by converting their grades in advance. Don’t do this mistake just to become more intelligent of efficient.

Check this link for online conversion of foreign grades in to German grades. If you want to add something additional in this article. Then comment below in comment section.

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