Certified copies with notary attestation

Certified copies with notary attestation

Notary attestation means: authentication of photocopies after reviewing and examining the original documents. Any registered lawyer awarded with license is authorized to notarize or attest photocopies of original documents. Certified copies also means that copies with notary attestation.

Beware, notarization of original documents is forbidden. Only document issuing authorities have permission to attest the original documents. Notarization only used to to attest photocopies. So lawyer give a proof with his notary stamp that; this photocopy is same as original document without any tempering.

Process of notarization:

  • Arrange photocopies of all the documents that you want to notarize.
  • Visit any nearest Court, Bar Council or law chamber and search a lawyer who has permission for notary attestation.
  • Give original documents with photocopies to permitted lawyer. Request for normal notary attestation.
    • Normal means; any stamp that they have with black or blue ink. Rectangle, round, silver or golden stamp are just fancy things. They will not increase worth of your documents. So don’t waste your valuable money on these stamps.
  • Pay required fee to the lawyer and say thanks.
    • There is no particular fee for notary attestation in many countries. Different lawyers charge different amounts. So, pay accordingly.

Document attestation from first class magistrate or international notarization not required. So, don’t go for this. Even if lawyer insist for this. Only normal notarization is enough for both admission and visa process.

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