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When expats tenants shift to a new apartment in Germany then they realize that in most German apartments, property owners don’t include electricity bills in the total rent. It is because they do not provide electricity to tenants. Instead, they put this responsibility on tenants and advise them to get an electricity connection from the regional electricity company.

New expat tenants visit the office of the regional electricity provider company or go to their website and get an electricity connection. But, because of the lack of knowledge, they don’t realize that there are others electricity companies in Germany besides regional electricity companies. And, they can get a cheaper electricity package by simply comparing these companies’ packages.

I also did the same mistake and paid higher bills the whole year for the electricity of my apartment. Because I didn’t know how to get a cheap electricity contract in Germany. But, at the time of the second year contract, one of my friends told me that, you can get electricity in Germany from many different national electricity companies not only from the regional company. Regional companies charge a little bit more for electricity as compared to national (nationwide) electricity companies.

National electricity companies provide the services same as internet providers. They buy electricity from electricity generator companies in bulk and sell it nationwide to houses and apartments at cheaper or competitive rates.

So, whenever you want to get an electricity package then always compare packages of regional and national electricity companies and choose the cheapest one. Some of the famous national electricity provider companies in Germany are Ostrom, E.ON Energie, Vattenfall, Yello Strom, EnBW Energie, eprimo, Lekker Energie, Grünwelt Energie, Naturstrom, and many others. You can find many other national electricity provider companies on many comparison websites and also compare their prices.

Tip: If it will be necessary for you to get your first electricity contract from the regional company then take it for a minimum period, cancel the contract and switch to another cheaper electricity provider company.

Benefits of getting electricity from a national electricity provider:

If you choose a national or nationwide electricity provider then you will get these benefits:

  • Cheaper rates
  • No contract limit or minimum contract limit – that will give you the freedom to cancel the contract anytime and easily. It’s good if you want to change apartments frequently.
  • Services in the English language – Many German electricity providers offer their website, app, and helpline in the English language such as Ostrom

Drawbacks of getting electricity from a national electricity provider:

These electricity providers provide cheap electricity and give freedom in contract limits but they regularly adjust the prices of the electricity according to the current market rates. So, your bill can be different each month. Fluctuating prices can be difficult in the current energy crisis period.

Benefits of getting electricity from a regional electricity provider:

They provide fix prices with a fixed contract. And, they don’t change these prices due to the fluctuating prices of petrol and gas. It can be beneficial in the current energy crisis period. Where you can pay a fixed amount without fear of changing prices.

Drawbacks of getting electricity from a regional electricity provider:

They provide electricity at higher rates and with fixed-term contracts.

Can I switch my contract to another electricity provider company in Germany?

Yes, you can switch your contract to a different electricity provider company in Germany. Simply cancel your contract (according to contract terms) with the current electricity provider company and sign up for a new electricity provider company. Many electricity provider companies do this job for customers. So, sign up for their contract, tell them about the current electricity contract and they will do all paperwork for you and provide you with uninterrupted electricity.

What is the cost of electricity in Germany?

Different electricity provider companies provide electricity at different rates so better to check the current rate on their websites.

How to calculate the electricity bill in Germany?

Most German electricity provider companies charge a basic price and a fee per kilo wat hour (kWh). You can calculate your electricity bill by using this formula:

Fee per kWh x Consumption + Base Price

For example, if the base price of your electricity provider is 13.40 euros, the fee per kilowatt hour is 0.49 cents/kWh, and you consumed 120 kWh in a month then your monthly bill will be:

0.49 x 120 + 13.40 = 72.20 euros

Where can I find my Zählernummer (meter number) and Zählerstand (meter reading)?

If you have questions about how to get a cheap electricity contract in Germany then ask in the comments section.

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