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It’s easy for a student to find a mini job in Germany or a side job in Germany if he knows the German language. But for those who cannot speak the German language, it’s difficult for them to find a mini job or a side job. These students mostly stay depressed. Don’t worry, I will tell you how you can find a mini job or a side job in Germany without the German language.

Firstly, make up your mind, you can do any physical job to earn some extra money. Then make a simple one-page CV in the German language. Don’t include anything in your CV that shows you are not fit for a physical job. It means don’t add your office’s professional experiences, academic degrees, unnecessary certificates, etc in the CV as you add in the CV for an office job. For an odd job you just have to add your name, address, mobile number, and work experience (If you want to work in a restaurant and have previous experience then write here in simple words. Job name company name, one-line description. If you want to do a job in logistics and have related experience then do the same thing. If you don’t have any od job experience then skip the work experience part.), education (only the name of the degrees such as bachelor, master, and institute name), languages (German basic even if you don’t know. Learn how to tell your name and little introduction and it will work, English fluent), computer-related experience (basic experience such as computer handling, Microsoft Office, use of a scanner, etc.), and hobbies. Also, add your simple picture (in a t-shirt or normal shirt) at the top of the CV.

Now go to the internet and search for Zeitarbeitsfirma (temporary work agency) in your city. For example Zeitarbeitsfirma Berlin. You will find many Zeitarbeitsfirma on the internet. It’s extremely easy to find a mini job or side job with these Zeitarbeitsfirma. Most of the refugees who cannot speak German work with them.

To apply for a job, go to the website of each firm and apply for mini-jobs or part-time jobs. You can also visit the offices of these temporary work agencies and submit your CV for a mini job or part-time job. These work agencies mostly offer jobs where the German language is not required. Such as packing, picking, printing, shelf filling, cleaning, newspaper throwing, etc.

You can also search for mini jobs on eBay Kleinanzeigen. Many small shop owners and restaurant owners post mini jobs for students on this website. Search for mini jobs and send them your CV. If they need you they will contact you.

If you don’t want to do a mini job or part-time job. Then save your 120 days of work and apply for a pool job at Volkswagen. You can find these jobs on the internet by searching the keyword ‘pool jobs in the Volkswagen’. They normally offer a full-time job for one month or two months and pay a very good salary.

Or, in September search for Amazon Christmas jobs and apply with your CV. Amazon offers these jobs to English speaker students. They normally offer three months contract for a full-time job. You can work here and earn a handsome amount of money in three months. You can also work each year at Amazon for three to four months instead of doing mini jobs.

Tip: Apply to Volkswagen and Amazon in groups with your university friends. This way it will be easy for you guys to find accommodation and you guys will work together.

After working at Amazon or Volkswagen, don’t forget to apply for a tax return. You can get your income tax back by filing a tax return. A tax return will give you some extra money to fly to your country.

I hope these tips will help you and increase your knowledge of how to find a mini job in Germany.

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