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Credit card for international students in Germany

There are a lot of payments systems in Germany such as Sofort, Giropay, Paypal, Apple pay, etc. but these payments systems don’t work when international students or expats want to pay outside Germany, especially in their home countries. For example, when a Pakistani student wants to pay the renewal fee for his Pakistani ID Card then he can only pay with a credit card. In this case, Sofort, Giropay, Paypal, Apple pay, etc. are useless.

But it is not easy to get a credit card from a German bank as a student. Banks normally demand a good credit rating to issue a credit card and students mostly cannot meet this requirement. So, how international students can get a credit card in Germany?

Credit card for international students in Germany:

According to my personal experience as an international student in Germany, I’m going to tell you about a bank where you can easily get a credit card even if you are an international student or you have a low credit rating.

This bank is Advanzia Bank which issues Advanzia Mastercard Gold also known as Gebührenfrei Mastercard. It’s a very famous and widely used credit card in Germany. International students and expats also get this credit card easily. Advanzia Bank doesn’t have any physical branch in Germany because it’s a virtual bank. So, you can apply for Gebührenfrei Mastercard on the website of Advanzia Bank.
You don’t need anything special to apply for this credit card. Simply visit their website and apply for a credit card with your name, email, house address, and phone number. Once your credit card will approve, they will send it to you by post.

The good thing about this credit card is it has no annual fee, no transaction fee, or hidden charges on payments and it offers up to 7 weeks interest-free payment term. So, you can flexibly pay back your bill in 7 weeks’ time without any interest. They usually send bills 4th of each month and give time until the 20th of the next month.

If you withdraw this money from an ATM then Advanzia Bank will charge you a 19.44% interest rate. So, better to transfer this money into your bank account without any charges by using money transfer apps such as Wise.

The initial limit for this credit card is 1,000 euros and I think it’s enough for a student or expat to pay online bills. When you will pay your credit card bills on time then Advanzia Bank will offer you to increase the card limit. You keep your rating good if you want a credit card limit of more than 1,000 euros.
As I told you about the benefits of this credit card, I will also tell you about the drawbacks of this credit card. First, don’t withdraw money from ATMs by using this credit card. Advanzia Bank charges 19.44% on cash withdrawals. So, as I told you above, use money transfer apps to transfer money in your normal bank account if you need money in difficult times. Secondly, credit cards give loans so don’t use credit card money as your own money. Spend only according to the limit and according to your income. If you will spend more than your credit card limit then the bank will charge you extremely high-interest rates. Also, pay your credit-card bills on time. If you will fail to do this then the bank will charge you extremely high-interest rates. Thirdly, Advanzia Bank doesn’t offer the direct debit option for bill payments. You have to pay your bills with a manual transfer to the account Advanzia Bank will provide you. So, always keep your eye on your balance and payment date.

If you will use this credit card wisely then you will get a lot of benefits such as buy now pay after 6 weeks (not 7 weeks because you have to pay before the end date) and easily pay your bills outside Germany.

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