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Best prepaid SIM card in Germany for international students

One of the most important things that international students need after reaching Germany is a SIM card. Because they want to contact their families immediately and want to inform them they reached safely on their destination. They cannot get a postpaid package on their arrival because it can be hard to get (before city registration) or it can be expensive for students. So, they search for some good prepaid SIM cards in Germany.

Here I will explain which prepaid SIM cards are good for newly arrived international students. You can choose any of them according to your budget and personal needs.

O2 Prepaid SIM Card in Germany:

O2 prepaid SIM card is very popular, easy to get, and very affordable for new students. You can just visit any nearest O2 shop with your passport and immediately get a prepaid SIM card with or without an internet package. If you don’t need internet then you can buy only a SIM card with standard call and SMS rates. On this standard SIM card, a local per minute call and an SMS will cost you only 9 cents. And, an international call will cost you 1 euro per minute. You can recharge this SIM card with your desired amount of 5, 10, or 20 euros.

If you need internet then you can get a prepaid SIM card with an internet package. O2 offers free prepaid SIM cards with 5 different prepaid packages (Basic, Small, Medium, Large, and Max). It means you will get a SIM card free but you will pay for the selected package.

The cheapest basic prepaid package of O2 costs 2 euros and small costs 10 euros, the medium cost 15 euros, the large costs 20 euros, and the max prepaid package cost 70 euros. Among all these packages 10 euros prepaid package is very popular with international students.

One of the best things about the O2 prepaid SIM card is that you can download the O2 app on your mobile and switch to any prepaid package anytime. You can even deactivate the internet package and use the standard call option.

If you will get it from the O2 shop then you will get a fully active ready-to-use prepaid SIM card from O2.

People who come to Germany on a visit visa can also get an O2 prepaid SIM card. When they will left Germany and no more use the SIM card it will automatically deactivate. So, they don’t need to spend extra time on the deactivation of this SIM card before leaving Germany.

Aldi Talk Prepaid SIM Card in Germany:

The second most affordable prepaid SIM card option for international students is Aldi Talk. Aldi is a German supermarket but also sells its own SIM cards. You can buy Aldi Talk prepaid SIM card from any Aldi store near your house (search on Google maps).

Aldi Talk prepaid SIM card comes with combination packages (call and internet) and data packages (only internet). You can buy according to your own needs. Aldi Talk’s small combination package (3GB and flat call rate) and the small data package (5GB data) start from 10 euros.

After purchasing Aldi Talk prepaid SIM cards, it is necessary to do online registration, identity verification, and SIM activation. You can do this on the website or app of Aldi Talk or on phone. Sometimes they don’t active SIM cards of newly arrived people before city registration so buy them after confirmation.

Lycamobile Prepaid SIM Card in Germany:

The third most affordable option in Germany is Lycamobile prepaid SIM card. You can buy Lycamobile prepaid SIM card from their website or from any supermarket, kiosk, or Deutsche Post/DHL shop. Same as O2, you can buy a simple standard SIM card for calls or you can buy a SIM card with an internet package. If you want to call your home country then Lycamobile’s simple standard SIM card will be best for you. Lycamobile offers very cheap rates (9 cents per minute) for international calls. Lycamobile prepaid internet packages are between 15 euros to 30 euros.

After purchasing Lycamobile prepaid SIM card, it is also necessary to do online registration, identity verification, and activation. You can do it on the website of Lycamobile, an app, or on a video call. Lycamobile’s online registration/verification process is very smooth and easy.

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