The language courses and student visa applicants need an appointment to submit a student visa application in the German Embassy Islamabad. The German Embassy Islamabad does not welcome visa applicants in any case without an appointment.

In Islamabad, the German Embassy now prefers to give visa appointments to Master’s and Ph.D. students who hold a German scholarship. These students must select the right option in the ‘priority choice for students’ in the appointment booking form.

In the Islamabad Embassy, the waiting time to receive an appointment date depends on the priority category. The applicant can receive an appointment date confirmation email in approximately seven to ten (7 – 10) months.

Important Announcement: No more appointments at German Consulate Karachi

After January 13, 2020, please note that booking appointments for a student visa and language course visas are no longer possible.

From 13th January 2020, all requests for a student visa and language course visas must be presented fully complete and in a sealed envelope and must be dropped in the assigned box at the Consulate grounds entrance. The documents will then be examined, and an appointment for the interview will be provided via email.

All the student visa applicants that belong to Sindh and Balochistan must submit the sealed envelope with the information sheet. They can download this information sheet form the official website of the German Embassy Pakistan.

How to get an appointment urgently at the German Embassy Islamabad?

Please note that you can no longer book appointments directly for study or work visas from July 2018. Instead, the German Embassy Islamabad introduced a convenient online registration list for applicants. In this easy registration procedure, the embassy gives an appointment date to an applicant as soon as it is available in their system.

According to this new procedure, you have to send an online request for an appointment on the website of the German Embassy Islamabad and they will send you an appointment date in an email.

General information about long term visa:

Students, work visa applicants, job-seeking visa applicants, and family reunion visa applicants must go to the long term visa section to get the general information. Long term visa is for those who want to live in Germany for longer than 90 days.

To go to the long term visa section, visit the official website of German Missions Pakistan, go to the ‘Service‘ tab in the left menu and choose the option ‘Visa: Long-term‘.

German Embassy Islamabad Appointment - 01

Procedure to book an appointment in German Embassy Islamabad:

Once you read all the instructions then again go to the left menu and click on ‘Overview‘ then select the tab ‘General Information‘ to book visa appointments.

German Embassy Islamabad Appointment - 02

In the central part of the page, you will discover all the appointment links. Choose the Islamabad embassy according to your residency restrictions.

German Embassy Islamabad Appointment - 03

Residents of Punjab, Islamabad, KPK, Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Kashmir are required to get an appointment date in German Embassy Islamabad. Residents of Sindh and Balochistan have not required any appointment.

Click on the previously-mentioned appointment link. Choose the option ‘Visas (Long- and short-term)‘ to book an appointment for study, work or family reunion visa and click on ‘Continue‘.

Now choose the third option ‘Registration to apply for a study visa‘ and press ‘Continue‘. Read all the instructions on this page and press ‘New Appointment‘.

After that fill in the registration form with personal information and submit. First, you will get an initial confirmation email that will contain a reference number and cancelation link. later on, you will get the second email with appointment details. Print this email and take it along on the appointment day.

If you will not enter the correct email address then you will not receive a confirmation email and the next registration will only be possible after waiting for two weeks.

Note the following points to keep yourself out of trouble:

  • All information must enter in Latin letters.
  • Enter all your data correctly and without any mistake, especially name and passport number.
  • Make sure to enter your passport number and email address correctly.

German Embassy Islamabad and Consulate General Karachi – a checklist of required documents for student and language course visas:

Students need the following documents to apply for a student visa (National Visa) in the German Embassy Islamabad and Consulate General Karachi:

  • Information sheet for intending students. (only for German Consulate General in Karachi)
  • Application form. (“Application for a national visa”)
  • Biometric pictures.
  • Declaration pursuant to Section 54 (2) Nr. 8.
  • Applicant’s Declaration pursuant to Section 55 (2) 1.
  • Copies of pages 1 and 2 of your current passport.
  • Copies of any previous visas you have held.
  • Admission letter(s).
  • Confirmation letter for the blocked account with an amount of 11,208€.
  • Curriculum Vitae.
  • Motivation letter.
  • Copies of the O-level exam degree and grade sheet.
  • Copies of the A-level exam degree and grade sheet. (if applicable)
  • Copies of the grade sheet and/or degree(s) of any previous university studies. (if applicable)
  • Copy of IELTS (or similar) and/or Goethe Language Certificates.
  • Copies of the refusal letters for any previous visas by any embassy or consulate. (if applicable)
  • If the university/course is charging a fee: proof of the sufficient financial means to pay for the course(s).
  • Any further documentation you wish to provide.
  • Appointment confirmation email (only for Embassy Islamabad)


How do I cancel my appointment at the German Embassy Islamabad?

If you want to withdraw from the already confirmed appointment, open an appointment email in your inbox. Go to the rear section of the email and discover the link to an appointment cancellation. Click on the link and cancel the appointment.
How to Cancel Appointment in German Embassy/Karachi Consulate?

Can I get a visa appointment in German Honorary Consul Lahore?

No, visa appointment is only possible in German Embassy Islamabad.

What are the German Embassy Islamabad student visa requirements?

Check this link to know about complete student visa requirements for both the German Embassy Islamabad and consulate Karachi.

Can I check the status of a specific visa application via phone?

According to the information present on the German Embassy Pakistan website, telephone numbers are only for general inquiries.

What are the current waiting times for visa appointments at the German Embassy Islamabad?

Daad and PhD students can get appointment confirmation approximately in 2 weeks. Master students can get appointment confirmation approximately in 7 months and other students can get approximately 8 months. So try to book an appointment as early as possible.

How early I can book an appointment in the German Embassy Islamabad?

Appointments can be booked in the German Embassy Islamabad three months before the intended travel date.

Who is the German Ambassador to Pakistan?

Mr. Bernhard Schlagheck is the German Ambassador to Pakistan. [More Info]

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