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All information about Germany’s 9 euro ticket

Why German Government introduced a 9 euro ticket?

Fuel prices are continuously increasing since the Russian invasion of Ukraine started. This fuel price hipe is not only impacting the under-developing economies but developing economies like Germany as well. Fuel and gas prices are directly linked with everything such as food, heating, electricity, and transport. That’s why high fuel prices reduce the buying power of common citizens.

The German economy is impacted directly by this war because Germany imports almost 100% of crude oil and 40% of diesel directly from Russia. Prices of petrol, diesel, food items, and heating are at their peak in Germany due to the war. The German Government is trying to reduce this impact on common citizens by introducing a 9 euro ticket. With this extremely cheap ticket, German citizens will be able to spend less on petrol or transport and save some extra money for food or rent.

Where 9 euro ticket will be valid or used?

This ticket will be valid for the whole of Germany. It means you can travel anywhere (nationwide) in Germany with this ticket.

What will be the validity of a 9 euro ticket?

This ticket will remain valid for three months June, July, and August.

Which means of transport I can use with a 9 euro ticket?

You can use all means of public transport such as RB (Regional Bahn), RE (Regional Express), U-Bahn, S-Bahn, buses, and trams. You can travel only in second class in RB and RE.

Which means of transport I cannot use with this ticket?

You cannot use this ticket on long-distance trains such as IC (InterCity), EC (EuroCity), ICE (InterCity Express), and on long-distance buses. You can only use regional trains (RB and RE) for long-distance travel.

Where can buy a 9 euro ticket?

You can buy this from your local transport offices, their ticket machines, on their websites and apps, or from Deutsche Bahn offices, machines, websites, and apps.

When 9 euro ticket will available for purchase?

You can buy this ticket from Monday 23 May 2022.

What will happen to my already purchased monthly or yearly pass?

As per the news, you will get a refund for three months (June, July, and August) or transport companies will charge less money for these months.

Will students get benefit from this ticket? (they will get a refund or something?)

It is still unclear how students will get benefit from this ticket because they already get a discounted semester ticket. As per some news (still not sure about it), some universities will return 3 months of semester ticket money back to students or some will charge less for winter semester tickets. I will recommend students ask this question to the student offices of their universities.

Can I bring my bike with me with a 9 euro ticket?

No, a bike ticket is not included in this ticket.

Can tourists also get benefits from this ticket?

Yes, tourists can also buy this ticket and travel nationwide.

Which famous routes I can visit with a 9 euro ticket?

Routes depend on the area where you are living. If I consider Berlin as starting point then you can enjoy the following routes:

  • Berlin to Dresden
  • Dresden to Bad Schandau
  • Berlin to Leipzig
  • Berlin to Magdeburg
  • Berlin to Cologne
  • Berlin to Füssen
  • Berlin to Munich
  • Berlin to Sylt
  • Berlin to Rügen
  • Berlin to Rostock

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