Which Document Attestation Required for Admission and Visa for Germany

Which Document Attestation Required for Admission and Visa for Germany?

Document attestation is an important part of application process for study in Germany. It’s required to prove the originality and authenticity of the educational certificates and degrees. But many students remain confused about this attestation part.

Basically document attestation split into two parts. One is for admission purpose and other is for visa purpose. I will try to explain in detail so you will understand both parts easily.

Document Attestation Required for Admission Process:

Students apply admission in German universities directly or via Uni-assist. In both methods they send documents online and by post. Basically, attestation is not required for admission process until a German university demand for attested documents.

For admission process stay relax and scan your unattested certificates and degrees in computer and use them for online applications. To send application by post, take photocopies of same unattested certificate and degrees. Visit any nearest bar council and notarize (notary attest) all the photocopies. Attach them with application and send them to Germany. It’s simple and easy!

Online application = use scanned copies of unattested certificates and degrees
By post = use notary attested photocopies of unattested certificates and degrees

Document Attestation Required for Visa Process:

After successfully getting admission in a German university. Students require to get student visa form German missions Pakistan. To get this study visa students require to submit visa application file. Document attestation is one requirement of this visa application file. Both German Embassy and consulate not accept unattested educational certificates and degrees.

So, visit issuing authorities and attest all your certificates and degrees for this step. Matriculation and Intermediate certificate attest from issuing authorities like Gujranwala board, Rawalpindi board or Federal board etc. then attest both from IBCC. Student who wish to go for foundation course lead to bachelor or for language course lead to foundation course require only these two attestation.

O-level and A-level certificates don’t required any attestation. So, keep them as it is.

Graduate and master student go one step further and attest Bachelor/Master degree from HEC. Student who wish to go for master’s in Germany attest bachelor degree. And, student who wish to go for PhD attest both bachelor and master degree. In case you still not get your degrees then use final transcript for this step.

For Visa application = Attest all certificates and degrees from issuing authorities
(Matric/Inter certificate from Secondary/Higher Secondary board then IBCC)
(Bachelor/Master degree or transcript from HEC)

One important thing keep in mind that, you don’t need to attest photocopies from HEC. It’s just a waste of money nothing else. For visa process use normal photocopies of attested certificates and degrees. Visa officer will check originality of photocopies by comparing them with original attested documents. Last thing, when you attest degree then transcript attestation not necessary.

Ending Note:

Some intelligent students first attest all the certificates and degrees from issuing authorities. Then start applying admission in German universities. Other lazy and confused students consider attestation as waste of money, hectic process and find ways to skip it.

But when they go for visa application then they attest all the documents in hurry. Which become reason of tension for them and waste their extra money. That’s why become intelligent, don’t think too much, attest all your educational documents then start admission process. If you do this first, even then you require notary attestation of photocopies for postal application.

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