What is the cost to study in Germany

What is the cost to study in Germany?

So many students remain confused about the concept of free study in Germany. They always ask: What is the cost to study in Germany?, If study in Germany is free then why we need huge amount for blocked account?

Answer of these questions are very simple but to understand in a better way. First you have to understand this German free education concept. I will tell you in detail by splitting this topic into two type of expenses; fee expenses and living expenses. I think it will cover both questions and gives you a satisfactory answer.

Fee Expenses:

Germany has total 16 states and education is free in 15 states except one. Free education doesn’t mean that universities are offering free education at all. There are some courses that are completely free, some has very little tuition fees and some have normal tuition fees.

Completely free courses don’t have any tuition or semester fees. These courses are mostly bachelor courses like bachelor in medicine etc. Courses belong to little tuition fees are mostly master courses that have low tuition fees in the form of semester ticket fee. This semester ticket fee vary from state to state and cost around 100 to 200 euros per semester. Example of these courses are like master in embedded systems or renewable energies etc.

Courses with normal fees are like business courses included MBA. These courses are not free in Germany and students have to pay full amount of tuition fee plus semester ticket fee.

Some public sector universities are now offering business courses like MBA free of cost. But courses offered in these MBA degrees have no scope, like MBA international business management. It’s hard to find a job in Germany after getting this MBA. Highly job oriented business courses like MBA finance, marketing, HR, supply chain management and logistics are not free. You have to pay full tuition fee for these courses.

I think now you will understand the concept of free education in Germany. Your tuition fees will totally depend on the field you choose to study in Germany.

Living Expenses:

Now let’s talk about living expenses. Free education doesn’t mean that universities or German government will provide you free accommodation, free food, free study materials or free transport services. You have to pay money for all these expenses and to enjoy free education in Germany.

To ensure that each student come to Germany have enough money to fulfill  these living expenses, German authorities introduced a security deposit type bank account called blocked account. For this blocked account they also set a limit of minimum amount that is 10236 euros for one year.

Students are bound to open a blocked account with complete deposit of required amount before giving application for visa. Without this account and compulsory deposit, it’s hard to get study visa for Germany. Exemption from this account is only possible if applicant other financial resources like sponsor or scholarship.

I hope now you will understand the concept of free education in Germany, cost of education in Germany and why you need a blocked account. This procedure is simply like give and take, get free education but pay your expenses.

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