Top reasons to study in Germany

Alina want to study abroad and she searched about different countries. After a detailed search, she decided to study in Germany. She want to convince her parents and tell them about her decision. Her parents suddenly asked, there are some other good countries like USA, England, Canada, France and Australia. Then, what are the top reasons you choose to study in Germany?

Alina were little bit confused because same question were also asked by her friends and she wasn’t prepared for that. She decided to give them a good reply with top reasons. So her parents will not resist her and allow her to study in Germany. She made a simple list of top reasons to study in Germany and share it with her parents. After reading these reasons, they let her to go to Germany for higher studies. I am going to share that list with you so you will also convince your parents and friends easily.

Top Reasons to Study in Germany:

  1. Free education for all
  2. Universities offer wide variety of courses / degrees in English
  3. 1st most popular education destination as non English speaking country
  4. Low living expenses
  5. World class educational system
  6. Top ranked universities
  7. Part time job allowed
  8. Widely available internships because of well established business industry to gain experience
  9. Diverse and open culture
  10. Safe for girls especially muslim girls
  11. High chance to get permanent job in Germany
  12. High possibility to get permanent residence in Germany
  13. Chances to get Blue Card that allow to work in whole EU
  14. Allowed to bring / sponsor your parents and spouse
  15. Schengen visa give possibility to travel whole Europe and also Switzerland, England, Iceland etc.


Is education is free in Germany?

Yes, education is free almost free in whole Germany except one state called Baden-Württemberg. Some universities charges for semester ticket that is mostly between 50 to 200 euro per semester.

How much tuition fees charged by Baden-Württemberg universities?

In this state, around 1500 euro per semester charged. Better to check universities for latest figure.

Is living expenses are also free?

Absolutely not, free education means: no tuition fees. You have to bear you living expenses by your own in the form of Blocked account.

How much chances to get job in Germany after completion of degree?

You have high chances especially when you have ability to speak German.

Which degrees are offered in German language?

German universities are offering huge number of courses and degrees offered in English language.

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