Things to do after Arrival in Germany

Things to do after Arrival in Germany

After arrival in Germany relax one or two days. Then get ready to secure your residence status in Germany. Students have to do these things after arrival in Germany.

1. University Enrolment/Immatrikulation:

First go directly to the university academic/student service and activate your student status (or registration at the university). After a successful process they will provide you the information about the following steps to proceed.

2. Grab a Residence Contract/Mietvertrag:

Your residence address is very important in Germany for any future entries. You should have confirmed your residency before arrival to Germany. Otherwise, find a place to stay and sign your residence contract (doesn’t matter if it is in the campus hostels, a place in the student apartments or a private flat or whatever).

3. City Registration/Meldebescheinigung:

Same like Union Councils in Pakistan. For legally living in Germany, you need to be registered with the city administration office. On the residency contract is written your ‘from now onward’ Home Address in Germany. Take this contract along with your passport and go to the city registration office called ‘Bürgersamt or Stadverwaltung or Rathaus’.

4. Unblock Blocked Bank Account/Bank Konto:

Once you have those above mentioned 3 things, you can go directly to your Bank to unfreeze your account. As the bank card takes a while to arrive, you can also get cash for living expenses, University fee, hostel fee etc. 

5. Biometric Photo:

You need biometric photos for both health insurance card and the residence permit card. If you have mavista then biometric picture is not required for health insurance.

6. Apply for Health Insurance/Krankenversicherung:

At the university student service center you will find a lot of information about different insurance companies in Germany. Choose the one of your choice and look for their office timings or take an appointment via phone call or email. Take your matriculation, photo, passport and other required documents. If you already got Mavista then skip this process. This process in only for public health insurance companies like TK. 

7. Apply for Residence Permit/Aufenthaltstitel:

The Visa that you get on your passport from Pakistan is just for entry to Germany and valid only for 3 to 6 months. It needs to be extended or converted to a German residence permit. The above documents fulfill the requirement for your extension of visa and get a proper long time residence permit. For this contact to the foreign office (Ausländersamt/Ausländerbehörde) in your city and take an appointment for the visa extension.

8. Enjoy your Stay in Germany and travel to Europe:

Stay happy, focus on your studies not only jobs and make new friends. Learn how to cook, except depending on others or boiling just eggs and frying potato chips. Travel to whole Europe and update your facebook and instagram accounts.