How many foreign students are studying in Germany

How many foreign students in Germany?

Germany is a well liked country among foreign students. That is the reason; Germany become a popular education destination for foreign students in non-English speaking world. Currently around 374,583 foreign students are studying in Germany. These foreign students came from different parts of the world. Year-by-year number of overseas students […]

What is the cost to study in Germany

What is the cost to study in Germany?

During studying in Germany, if education is free then it doesn’t mean that all other things are also free. Students have to bear all the expenses that incur during their stay in Germany. For better understanding, I am going to split cost to study in Germany in two categories. Educational […]

Top reasons to study in Germany

Alina want to study abroad and she searched about different countries. After a detailed search, she decided to study in Germany. She want to convince her parents and tell them about her decision. Her parents suddenly asked, there are some other good countries like USA, England, Canada, France and Australia. […]

Financing Options to Study in Germany

Financing Options to Study in Germany

In spite of Germany has free education system. Students need financial means to cover their living expenses in Germany. These financial means also necessary to disclose in student visa application. Otherwise German Embassy refuse to give visa. Students can arrange one among these financing options to get study visa easily. […]