Will the study in Germany major changes coming in 2020 affect your dreams? The answers will most probably be, ‘Yes’. But, what kind of major changes you can expect about study in Germany.

Here are some quick answers that can change your New Year’s resolution regarding study in Germany.

  • The blocked amount will go higher.
  • Tuition-free education will be stopped.
  • Health insurance premiums for students will be increased.
  • German language learning will be more expensive.

Other changes can be the introduction of new bachelor courses, master courses and MBBS in English. Let’s explore each answer one by one in detail.

Increased blocked account amount

The German Government announced new reforms related to blocked account amount. This reform already goes into effect for visa applications from September 1, 2019.

From January 1, 2020, the monthly required blocked account amount will be €853 instead of €720, while the annual amount will be €10,236 instead of €8,640.

So, this means that international students will be required to block €10,236 to submit a visa application from January 1, 2020. Therefore, arrange your finances accordingly.

Elimination of tuition-free education in German universities

It is expected that tuition-free education will be eliminated from the German universities in the year 2020. As one German state Baden-Württemberg already implemented tuition fees on foreign students in October 2017.

This experiment to implement tuition fees in Baden-Württemberg universities were very successful. So, other German states are also thinking to implement the same kind of tuition fees on foreign students.

Non-EU students are paying €1,500 per semester in Baden-Württemberg universities. So, you can also expect the same amount if you are planning to study in Germany in the future.

Health insurance premiums for students will increase

It is expected as well that the public health insurance premium for students will increase in the year 2020. I am currently using Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) and it’s premium already increased from €92 to €106 (per month). So, you can also expect an increase in public health insurance premiums in the year 2020.

German language courses will be more expensive

As other things are becoming more and more expensive for international students. You can also expect an increase in tuition fees for German language courses. Although German language courses are not very cheap in Germany at this time. But in the future, they will be more expensive as expected.


In conclusion, we can say that the study in Germany major changes are mostly positive and good for international students. The implementation of tuition fees will increase educational facilities for international students. An increase in health insurance premiums will make the health of international students more secure.