Student Health Insurance in Germany

Student Health Insurance in Germany

It is important for students to have health insurance to study in Germany. Students cannot enrol in a German university without health insurance. Germany has two types of health insurance systems. One is public health insurance and other is private health insurance. Both health insurance covers the cost of check-ups, treatment for illness, accident, pregnancy, medications and general costs for hospital stays.

Contributions to public health insurance purely based on income. But private health insurance contributions are based on risk profile, which includes age and medical history of the customer.

Germany has one of the best health care system in the world. By law, every German citizen is obligated to have its GKV insurance. GKV or Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung is the Public health insurance system in Germany. Round about 70 million German residents are using GKV insurance. Remaining people are using private health insurance.

Student health insurance packages are different as compared to normal citizen and employee packages. Students have option to choose public or private health insurance. In term of health facilities both works similar. But public student health insurance is expensive and provide more advanced services. Private student health insurance is relatively cheaper and provide less advanced services.

For example public health insurance companies issue an electronic health card to students. Which they can use in any clinic, hospital and pharmacy with automatic payment. Despite of private health insurance issue only a paper print with customer insurance details. Customer have to pay all the doctor fees and other amounts in cash. Then they have to claim that money from health insurance company with receipts.

All public companies are offering health insurance packages for students. Students can choose any company according to their wish and desire. Almost all the public health insurance companies have similar contribution amount with similar facilities. So it doesn’t matter one has TK or AOK.

Here is the list of all public health insurance companies. TK, AOK, DAK and hhk are most famous amongst students.

Approximately 40 companies are providing private health insurance in Germany. But there is only one private company which providing cheaper health insurance for students. That’s why here I will discuss only this company.

Here is the comparison of all public and private student health insurance packages.

Companies Contribution AmountServices
DAK Gesundheit DAK health insurance76,06 €Health Card
HEK - Hanseatische Krankenkasse HEK - Hanseatische Krankenkasse72,82 €Health Card
hkk Krankenkasse hkk Krankenkasse 68,86 €Health Card
KKH Kaufmännische KrankenkasseKKH Kaufmännische Krankenkasse76,06 €Health Card
Techniker Krankenkasse (TK)Techniker Krankenkasse (TK)70,87 €Health Card
AOKAOK71,52 €Health Card
IKKIKK70,22 €Health Card
BARMER BARMER 73,47 €Health Card
BKKBKK69,18 €Health Card
MawistaMawista33,10 €Without Health Card

Amongst all TK is best as public health insurance and Mawista is best as private health insurance for international students.

Muddsar Hussain