Student Accommodation in Germany

How to Find Student Accommodation in Germany

Finding student accommodation in Germany is not so easy. Especially in crowded cities like Stuttgart, Munich and Frankfurt. So find accommodation in Germany as early as possible even before moving to Germany.

Students in Germany live in student residence hall, shared apartments or in a private accommodation. Most popular are the student halls and shared apartments. Because they are more cheaper as compared to private accommodations.

Student halls are even more cheaper than shared apartments. First search room in these halls than go for other options. All the applications of student residence halls processed by Studentenwerk (Student Services Organisation). Try to apply for accommodation in these halls right after getting the admission in university. Each university city has its own Studentenwerk. So apply directly in Studentenwerk website. This Accommodation Finder is also very helpful to find room in Studentenwerk.

When you will not find accommodation in student residence hall. Then find a room in shared apartment for WG Zimmer. Shared apartments are called WG (Wohngemeinschaft) in Germany. These are the most famous places to find WG rooms in Germany. You can also find private accommodations (single room apartments) on these websites.

Pakistani students which already living in different cities of Germany. They registered different student organizations in their universities. One f the most famous is PSA (Pakistan Student Association). You can find groups and pages of these associations based on cities on Facebook. Like for Hamburg try to find PSA Hamburg and ask for accommodation to local students. In most cases they help or recommend vacated places to new students.

Temporary Accommodation for First Nights:

If it’s urgent or you unluckily not get the accommodation from above mentioned ways. Then find temporary accommodation on these places. You can spend your first nights here and then move to another location. These are the cheaper options as compare to expensive hotels.

What is WG?

WG (Wohngemeinschaft) means shared apartment in Germany. WG Zimmer means a room in shared apartment.

What is Studentenwerk?

Studentenwerk is the Student Services Organisation in Germany. Which is responsible for operating the student residence halls and allocation of rooms. They got subsidy form Government universities to provide cheaper accommodation to their students. Many private universities are not supporting Studentenwerk. So their students are not allowed to take rooms in Studentenwerk.

What is Quadratmeter?

Quadratmeter means square feet. It tells how big is the room or apartment.

What is Kaltmiete und Warmmiete?

In Germany rent divided into two parts one is Kaltmiete and other is Warmmiete. Kaltmiete is the original rent of the room and Warmmiete is the cost of other things like water, heating and cleaning. These costs also called Nebenkosten in German. Gesamtmiete means total rent.

What is Kaution?

Kaution is the security deposit for rented accommodation. Normally for students its a two months rent in Germany.

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