Prep Courses & Foundation Courses in Germany

Prep Courses & Foundation Courses in Germany

Prep Courses & Foundation Courses are called Studienkolleg in Germany. So don’t get confused about these different words. All have the same meanings.

HSSC (FSc) certificate is not accepted as an entrance qualification for German universities. If one not hold A-levels certificate or not have completed at least a two years undergraduate course at a Pakistani university. Then one cannot take direct admission in a German university for bachelors. To take admission in bachelors, it is important to attend Studienkolleg first.

Preparatory courses are different for both University of Applied Sciences and Technical Universities. If one attend preparatory courses for University of Applied Sciences. Then eligibility is to study only in University of Applied Sciences. If one attend preparatory courses for Technical University. Then eligibility is for both University of Applied Sciences and Technical Universities.

Preparatory courses are offered in variety of key topics to prepare students for specific subject areas like:

For Technical Universities:

  • M = Medicine, Biology, (Chemistry) Pharmacy
  • T = Mathmatics, Physics, Chemistry (also in M), technical subjects
  • W = Economics, Social Sciences, Business Studies etc.
  • G = Humanities, German literature and language
  • S = Languages

University of Applied Sciences (Hochschulen/Fachhochschulen):

  • TI = Technical and Engineering Sciences
  • WW = Business Studies
  • GD = Art, Design and related fields
  • SW = Social Sciences

It is totally depend on a student which course one choose. Usually students choose according to their specific subject areas. Further are important questions and answers related to preparatory courses.

How I know I need to attend preparatory course or not?

You can check on Anabin Database, whether your previous education is enough to take admission in bachelors or you need to take a preparatory course.

How long do the courses take and what kind of end exam will I take at the end?

Courses usually run for two semesters followed by the final exam (Feststellungsprüfung). Courses mostly start in spring and fall.

What are the prerequisites to join a Studienkolleg?

Before joining a Studienkolleg, you will have to pass an admission test (mostly German, Maths). Prerequisites are:
Pakistani university entrance qualification (HSSC)
Sufficient pre knowledge of German B1 level

What does it cost?

State run Studienkollegs are free of charge. There are also private foundation courses charging fees.

Will the Feststellungsprüfung be acknowledged by other universities in Germany?

Feststellungsprüfung acknowledged according to university type technical or applied.

How can I apply?

First complete undergraduate course in the your home county. Then take admission in Studienkolleg. Please read the information of the selected Studienkolleg very carefully and follow their application guideline. For further questions, please contact the respective Studienkolleg.

How can I get a visa?

After getting your admission letter from Studienkolleg institute. You may apply for a student applicant visa. Please find more information at the website of the German Embassy/Consulate General. Keep in mind that the waiting time for online appointments is up to three months. You will have to proof sufficient funds (appx 8,640 EUR) in a blocked account.

Do I have to pass Studienkolleg first, if I want to join a bachelor in English language?

Yes, first clear Studienkolleg in German language. Then take admission in bachelor with English language. Now days some institutes are also offering Studienkolleg in English language. Please check very carefully before application. For more information check Daad database.

Here is the list of German institutes which offering Studienkollegs:

Prep Courses & Foundation Courses in Germany
Prep Courses & Foundation Courses in Germany

Apart from the fact that most courses at public universities are free of tuition fees. Neither DAAD nor German universities provide any scholarships for foreign students attending Studienkolleg.