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Notary Attestation in Pakistan

The process of notary attestation in Pakistan is very easy. Any registered lawyer in Pakistan with awarded license is authorized to notarize or attest photocopies of original documents.

Notary attestation means, attestation of photocopies after reviewing and checking the original documents. Keep in mind, notary attestation of original documents is not possible. Only issuing authorities can attest to the original documents, not lawyers.

Process of notary attestation in Pakistan:

  1. First, make sure the document is original. Lawyers don’t make certified copies of copies. They always require original documents to make certified copies.
  2. Arrange photocopies of all the documents which need to be notarized.
  3. Visit any nearest Bar Council or law chamber and ask about lawyers who have the permission of notary attestation.
  4. Give original documents and photocopies to a permitted lawyer and request for standard notary attestation. Standard means notary attestation with any stamp and ink (black or blue). Round, rectangle, silver and golden stamps are just fancy things and they will not increase the worth of your documents. So don’t waste money on these types of stamps.
  5. Pay the required fee to the lawyer and also say thanks. There is no particular fee for notary attestation in Pakistan. Different lawyers charge different amounts. So, pay accordingly.
  6. After notary attestation, attestation from a first Class Magistrate is not required for a student visa. So don’t go for it. Only notary attestation is enough to create certified copies of original documents.

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FAQs about notary attestation in Pakistan:

Can I get done notary attestation of all original documents?

No, you cannot get notarize original documents. You can only notarize photocopies of original documents. If you want to attest original degrees then get an attestation from issuing authorities.

Is the golden stamp increase the chances to get a visa or admission?

No, a golden stamp is just a fancy thing that people use to earn money. Get certified copies of the documents only with a standard stamp with blue or black ink.

What is a notary public in Pakistan?

Notary attestation is the attestation of the photocopies after reviewing and checking the original documents.

What is the difference between notary and attestation?

Notary attestation is a method of giving judgment about the authenticity of a document. It is the attestation of a photocopy after reviewing and checking the original document and it can only be done by an authorized lawyer or notary public. Whereas only official issuing authority can do the attestation of an original document.

Why is the notary required?

Notary attestation required to prove that photocopies are authentic the same as original documents and not tempered.

Can a lawyer attest documents?

Not all lawyers can notarize copies. Only authorized lawyers and notary public can attest copies in Pakistan.

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