What is NICOP?

NICOP is the National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis. NADRA issue NICOP to those Pakistani citizens who are residing abroad and are national of a country that has a dual nationality arrangement with Pakistan. Any citizen of Pakistan who has dual nationality can apply for NICOP and can travel to Pakistan without requiring a visa.

If you are not a dual nationality holder then simple CNIC is enough for you. For example, students studying in Germany don’t need NICOP, when their old CINC expires then they can apply for the new one.

NICOP (National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis) Source: Nadra

What is CNIC?

CNIC is the Computerized National Identity Card issued by NADRA to all citizens of Pakistan that are living home and abroad. By law, every citizen of Pakistan that is 18 years or above is eligible for CNIC.

CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) Source: Nadra

What is the difference between NICOP and CNIC?

CNIC is for all the citizens of Pakistan residing home and abroad. NICOP is only for those Pakistani citizens who are residing abroad and have dual nationality.

What is the difference between NICOP and smart NICOP?

NICOP is a simple identity card that contains personal information of a cardholder on the card in the text form.

Smart NICOP is an advanced identity card that contains a chip inside the card. This chip contains the personal information of a cardholder which can prevent lost or stolen cards from being altered or used by other people. Nadra encrypts the data inside the chip with high-security standards.
Smart NICOP has a multi-function capacity so it can be used for different additional applications such as to store an e-driver’s license and a health insurance card.

According to Nadra, smart NICOP is the foundation of the delivery of electronic government services. In the future, smart cardholders will be able to enjoy different kinds of public services simply by going on-line at home or making use of smart identity card readers without having to visit government offices in person.

Which things do I need before starting an online application for Nadra NICOP?

The following things you need before applying for Nadra NICOP:

  • Desktop Computer/Laptop
  • Working internet connection
  • Printer (Black n White or Color)
  • Scanner
  • Inkpad for fingerprints (blue/black)
  • Debit/Credit Card for online payment
  • Email address
  • Working mobile number

How overseas Pakistanis can apply for Nadra NICOP?

Documents required for NICOP (first time/renewal/data modification/reprint of lost NICOP):

See this link to know more about the required documents to apply for NICOP for the first time, to renew the NICOP, for data modification on the NICOP and to get the reprint of lost NICOP.

Please scan all the documents on the computer with at least 200 dpi quality and in color images.

Nadra NICOP fee for Overseas Pakistanis:

Application TypesReasonNormal (31 days)Urgent (23 days)Executive (7 days)
Smart NICOP (Zone A)First timeUSD 39USD 57USD 75
Smart NICOP (Zone B)First timeUSD 20USD 30USD 40
Smart NICOP (Zone A)Renewal of Expired CardUSD 39USD 57USD 75
Smart NICOP (Zone B)Renewal of Expired CardUSD 20USD 30USD 40
Smart NICOP (Zone A)Reprint of a Lost CardUSD 39USD 57USD 75
Smart NICOP (Zone B)Reprint of a Lost CardUSD 20USD 30USD 40
Smart NICOP (Zone A)Modification in CardUSD 39USD 57USD 75
Smart NICOP (Zone B)Modification in CardUSD 20USD 30USD 40
Home Delivery ChargesAbroad (5 days)PKR 1,600PKR 1,600PKR 1,600

Complete procedure to apply for NICOP:

Follow this procedure in order to apply for NICOP online from abroad:

  1. In the first step go to the official website of NADRA that is called PAK-Identity.
  2. Then create an account (If you are applying for the first time.)
  3. Log-in (If you are applying the second time.)
  4. After that, choose the relevant category and start your application
    • New Overseas ID Card (NICOP)
    • Renew ID Card (NICOP) (for renewal of an expired card)
    • Reprint ID Card (NICOP) (for a lost card)
    • Modify ID Card (NICOP)
  5. Pay fee and courier charges according to chosen service (Normal, Urgent, and Executive) with Debit/Credit card
  6. Fill in the application form online with personal information (Write everything correctly)
  7. Scan and upload your recent biometric picture (See Photograph Guidelines)
  8. Download fingerprint form and take a print
  9. Put your fingerprints on the form with black/blue ink according to fingerprint guidelines (See Fingerprint Guidelines)
  10. Scan and upload fingerprint form (must be 200 dpi quality)
  11. Scan and upload required documents (must be 200 dpi quality) (See Document Upload Guidelines)
  12. Review all the information
  13. Submit the application
  14. That’s it.

FAQs about Nadra NICOP:

Which countries are included in Zone-A?

The following regions are included in Zone-A:
Americas, Australia, the UK, and Europe.

Which countries are included in Zone-B?

The following regions are included in Zone-B:
Asia, Middle East, and Africa.

How can I track my application for NICOP?

Nadra sends notifications regarding the processing of your application on the provided mobile number and email address. You will be notified at the following stages of your NICOP application:
Account Registration
Fee Submission
Application Submission
Application Approval/Rejection/Deferral
Card Printing
Card Dispatch

Can I pay with someone else’s debit/credit card?

Yes, you can also pay by someone else’s credit/debit card.

I completed my application but haven’t received any confirmation from NADRA. Did NADRA get my application?

A confirmation email upon successful submission of your application is automatically sent to your provided email address. The email might end up in your Junk Mail folder.

My application is rejected. What should I do?

If your application is rejected by the case officer, the rejection reasons and details are communicated through email. Check the email in your inbox or junk folder. In case you want to contest the rejection, you can launch a complaint on NADRA Complaint Management System (CMS).

Why payment is taken earlier while applying?

Payment is taken early only for modification and renewal category. It enables the applicant to view his/her information stored in the National database.