Mini Job CV Template

Mini Job CV Template

Getting a quick mini job besides studying in Germany is depends on right CV format. Students mostly get rejections due to wrong CV and Cover letter format. Keep in mind these things to get mini job more faster and quick.

German HR officers prefer CV which follows KISS format. KISS means keep it short and simple. Add information which is important and required for the job. Don’t put extra or unnecessary information and always keep length of the CV one page only.

For mini jobs keep CV even more simple and short. Normally German companies offer blue collar jobs with mini job contracts. They refuse or hesitate to give jobs to students with high qualifications. So don’t put high qualifications and insignificant certificates in minijob CV. Make it simple and according to labouring class jobs.

Mostly Phd students get rejections in mini job applications. Why? Because of their CV with high qualifications. They made CV for white collar jobs and apply for blue collar jobs. Which becomes the main reason of rejection. So avoid this mistake in your CV to get mini job faster.

Here is the mini job CV template. Download copy in word file and edit it according to your personal information.

mini job cv template
Mini Job CV Template

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