Fintiba blocked account is an approved account from the German Federal Foreign Office and accepted in German embassies and consulates. It is one of the most famous blocked accounts among international students because it’s easy to open.

Who is Fintiba?

Fintiba is a financial service provider company and works with Sutor Bank Germany. It provides a block account facility and other tailored products to international students.

Stutor Bank is a German private bank based on Hamburg and Fintiba is controlled under the German Business Regulations under the chamber of commerce in Frankfurt.

Charges of Fintiba block account:

Fintiba takes 89€ as an account opening fee and a 4.90€ monthly fee for block account management. Fintiba usually takes 2-3 days to open a blocked account. Students only require a passport to open Fintiba blocked account. The process to open the Fintiba block account is completely online.

Procedure to Open Fintiba Block Account:

  • Scan your passport on your computer and arrange 10,236€.
  • Visit Fintiba official website and choose Fintiba Basic plan. This basic plan offers a blocked account facility.
  • Fill out the application form with your personal information and proceed till the end. Also, verify your identity by uploading a scanned copy of a valid passport.
  • Once the verification process will complete then you will get your Blocked Account opening confirmation and account details via email.
  • Now transfer the required amount of 10,236 € in this account.
  • Fintiba will automatically send you an email once the amount will be transferred successfully.
  • Congratulations, your Fintiba block account is activated now. You can use this to apply for a visa in the German embassy or consulate. You can also use this account to get a resident permit after moved to Germany.

How to Get Access to Fintiba Block accounts funds?

Once you moved in Germany, just take a little breath and perform some simple steps to get access to Fintiba blocked account funds.

  • First, get your house contract from the landlord.
  • Visit the city registration office and register yourself. They will provide you a registration document. Keep it safe.
  • Visit any mobile store like O2 and get a sim card.
  • Visit any German bank and open a normal student account.
  • Wait few days until you get your TAX ID via post from the tax office.

Once all the above steps complete then log in to your Fintiba account and provide the following information.

  • Home address
  • Phone number
  • Registration letter
  • German tax number
  • German bank account details

After that Fintiba will release your funds as soon as it will receive these details. Fintiba will send blocked money in your local German account in the form of monthly payouts. The monthly payouts limit can be set up in Fintiba WebApp. Congratulation, now you can enjoy your money in Germany. Spend wisely to use it for a longer duration.

How to close Fintiba blocked account?

In case your visa gets rejected and you want to close the Fintiba account. Then send the following document to Fintiba by using the contact form.

  • An official certificate issued by the embassy/consulate confirming that your visa application has been rejected or withdrawn. This certificate is called “Sperrfreigabe” in German.

After receiving this certificate Fintiba will close your account and transfer all the amount to the account from which the original money was transferred.

FAQs about Fintiba blocked account:

What are the required documents to open Fintiba blocked account?

You only need a valid passport to open this account.

How much does the blocked account cost?

Initial 89€ and then monthly 4.90€.

Is Fintiba a bank?

No, Fintiba is a financial service provider company that works with Stutor Bank Germany.

Can I insist Fintiba speed up my account opening procedure?

According to Fintiba, it’s not possible. You need to wait as per standard procedural time.

How much time Fintiba take to open a blocked account?

Normally 2-3 days.

When does the payment of the administration fees start?

Charges start right after the release of funds in your local German bank account.

What is the Fintiba contact details?

Telephone: 0049 69 1200 620 6620
Timings: Mo. – Th. 09:00 – 12:00 & 13:00 – 17:00
Fr. 09:00-12:00 & 13:00 -15:00

For how long can I remain Fintiba blocked account open after rejection?

You can keep your account open from 6 to 12 months and use it for the next visa appeal.

I need a second account with Fintiba blocked account?

Yes, you need a second account to get your money from Fintiba blocked-account.

What is Sperrfreigabe?

Sperrfreigabe is an official certificate that German embassy issues to confirm the rejection of the visa application. Visit Embassy or consulate to get it.

How to transfer money to the Fintiba block account?

Use a foreign currency account to transfer money to the Fintiba block account. It’s fast and less expensive.
Otherwise, you can send money by a bank transfer or through money transfer companies e.g Western Union.

How to get money back from Fintiba?

Get Sperrfreigabe from the German embassy and send it along your bank account details to Fintiba to get your money back.