How to fill the German study visa application form

How to fill German study visa application form?

Please keep in mind the following things while filling the visa application form.

  1. Download the latest visa application form from the embassy’s website and fill it using a computer or a typewriter.
  2. Always use BLOCK letters to fill all the columns (except for the emails).
  3. Better to use all university and accomodation addresses/emails and phone numbers available on the admission and booking letter. Try to avoid addresses/emails and phone numbers found from Google.
  4. Be honest! Embassy will find out if you are lying so just be honest. If it is in your fate to go to Germany for studying, nobody can stop you from this.
  5. Don’t attach fake or tempered documents.
  6. Fill in all the information correctly and check it several times before you finalize it.
  7. One little mistake can ruin your visa granting chances so be careful enough.
  8. Do not staple anything. Use paperclips and binding clips instead.
  9. Be extra careful in the arrangement of the documents and check it at least 5 times before going for interview.
  10. Use biometric pictures instead of photoshopped pictures.
  11. Remember you Tax number will be your CNIC number. Incase you don’t have NTN number.
  12. Best of luck with your visa application.

This is how you will fill in the German study visa form. We tried our best to make it as easy as possible. Just don’t panic. This is not a rocket science. You just need to be careful and fill in all the information according to your situation. If you have any question, then ask in comment section.