How to apply for WES attestation?

How to apply for WES attestation?

WES attestation is done by World Education Services. WES is a non profit organization that provides educational credential assessment certificate. This certificate issued for those who want to study or work in U.S or Canada. This certificate also help authorities like immigration authorities, universities, colleges, schools and employers to understand your educational background in a better way.

WES analyze following points and then issue education credential assessment certificate:

  • They verify authenticity of your certificates and degrees
  • They attest your qualifications
  • They provide grade point average (GPA) equivalency

WES report normally issued in one week starts from the day you applied.

Process to apply WES attestation:

WES attestation or evaluation process is very easy and based on three easy steps. These steps includes:

  1. Submission of application and issuance of WES reference number
  2. Sending of educational documents to WES accordance to WES reference number
  3. Receiving of verified WES education credential assessment report

Submission of application for WES attestation:

Go to official website of World Education Services and change it according to your desired country U.S or Canada. I’m am explaining here for Canada and for U.S you can follow the same procedure.

After selecting WES Canada click on new applicants ‘Get Started.

After that carefully read all the instructions and click on ‘Apply Now’.

Now select the country where you want to use WES report ‘U.S or Canada’.

After selecting desired country, select your purpose to use WES certificate. Our purpose to get this certificate is to apply for visa. So select ‘ECA Application for IRCC’.

Now fill the form with basic information and create an official WES account. In next page provide all your personal information and correct home address.

In next step provide your educational information. To do this click on ‘Ad Credential’ and fill the form with correct educational information from 10th grade to latest degree.

After that review all the provided information especially your home address and proceed to next step. Next step will provide you information about report and total attestation price. Review it and proceed to next step to select courier service. Select your desired one and proceed further.

In next step read all the document requirements and important instructions. Please read them carefully and follow all of them. You can also download academic record request form from this page and send that to your university to get transcript in a sealed envelope. Address to send your documents to WES is also mentioned on this page so save it to later write on envelope.

Now proceed to next step, review all the information and provide payment details and submit. After that you will get your WES reference number.

Sending of Documents to WES:

You have two options to send documents to WES. In first option, you can request to your educational board or university to send your mark sheet and degree to WES. And in second option, you can personally get that from your educational board or universities in a sealed envelope and send these to WES. I will recommend you to choose second method.

Get form educational boards and universities all the mark sheets and copies of certificates and degrees in a sealed envelope as mentioned on WES website.

Clearly mention WES reference number on each envelope. Also request your board or university to put seal, stamp and signature in a right order as mentioned by WES. (see above image)

Once envelope will be ready, send it to WES visa courier service.

Receiving of WES certificate:

Once WES receive your documents, they will verify them and send your the final WES certificate. This certificate you can use for admission and immigration purposes.

Required documents:

You have to send copies of all the mark sheets plus certificates and degrees to WES. Don’t send original documents to WES. WES not return any document that they receive, so be careful about that. Better to get copies from your board or university and send that directly to WES rather then send your originals.

Evaluation fee:

Fee calculated automatically during online form filling process. It depends on number of certificates and degrees.

If you find something missing or want to improve this article then please write in comment section. All the images we got from WES website just as reference to explain the complete attestation process.

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