If you want to get German driving license easily. First try to get local Pakistani driving license and than international before moving to Germany. Once you moved in Germany than follow this procedure.

German license is divided into categories: Car- B,B1,BE and Motorbike- AM, A1, A2, A and so on. The total cost will be around 2000 euros for both A and B category. But it can vary from city to city.

  1. Go to local ADAC office and translate your existing license. It will cost 55 euros approximately.
  2. Take a first aid course and with that do your eye test as well. If you don’t have your pictures with you, you can choose that option as well. All things will cost 40 euros approximately.
  3. Send all of these documents to the Rathaus of your city. Or go to the driving school and they will submit all of the documents on your behalf. But they will charge their fee.
  4. Than take the theory test. It will costs around 50 euros. After that go for practical classes. You can take practical classes before passing theory test but it’s not recommended. I’d say clear the theory test first so that you know the meaning of the signs already. You need at least 90% marks to pass the exam regardless of how many categories you choose. Then you’ll have your practical classes followed by the practical test.The prices of these vary according to the city.
  5. After test you can pick up the license from Straßenverkehrsamt (Vehicle registration office) of your city.
Which documents I need to apply for German driving license?

Pakistani international driving license, its translation, biometric picture, first aid certificate and eye test.

From where I can get first aid certificate?

From any driving school in your city.

From where I can get material for theory test?

Register in any driving school in your city and get material and first aid certificate both.

How much does it cost to get a driver’s license in Germany?

It cost approximately 2000 euros to get driving license in Germany.

Can I drive in Germany with Pakistani international driving license?

Yes, you can drive but only first 6 months from date of your arrival in Germany. Than you have to get German driving license.

Can I exchange Pakistani driving license in Germany?

Yes, but you have to pass both theory and practical test.