How do I get a VPD?

How do I get a VPD?

VPD (Vorprüfungsdokumentation) is a certificate issued by uni-assist. This certificate provides an overview about student’s educational record. VPD certificate normally hold following information:

  • Conversion of grades into German grading system
  • Evaluation of educational documents; certificates and degrees

That’s why it’s called preliminary review documentation (Vorprüfungsdokumentation) or VPD in short.

How do know I need VPD or not?

Before applying for VPD, it’s necessary to understand; VPD only required in a special case. If your university of choice present in the list of uni-assist universities. Or, your university of choice accept admission through uni-assist. Then you required VPD for admission application.

So, better to check in advance, your university of choice included in uni-assist list or not. Then try to get VPD as early as possible before the end of admission deadline.

If your university of choice not present in uni-assist list. Or, not accept admission application through uni-assist. Then you don’t need VPD. Arrange your documents and apply directly.

How to get VPD?

Document arrangement

When university called for V.P.D, then arrange documents required by university. Scan all the documents in your personal computer and also get two notary attested copies of each document. One for uni-assist and other for university.

You have to upload all the documents on uni-assist portal once. No matter how many universities you wish to apply to.

Translation of documents

If your documents (certificates and degrees) are not in German or English language. Then get translation of these documents from a certified translator additionally.

Application in uni-assist online portal – My assist

Register yourself on online portal My assist and create an online application for all the universities of your choice. Upload scanned copies of all required documents on this portal. These documents will use for all the universities. Don’t need to upload again. Now time to pay the handling charges.

Payment of VPD application

Handling charges

You have to pay handling charges 75 EUR for one university and for each additional university 30 EUR.

Payment options

You can pay uni-assist handling charges either by bank transfer or with credit card. Choose your desired option and pay according to the instructions mentioned on [uni-assist payment portal].

Beware; uni-assist will only process your application until you confirm the payment of handling charges.

Sending of documents by post

Now, put all the certified copies of documents in an envelope and send it to uni-assist by post. Don’t forget to mention university of choice and uni-assist address on the envelope.

Address: uni-assist e. V. 11507 Berlin GERMANY

Track your application

After confirmation of payment and documents, you will receive confirmation of receipt by e-mail.

Receipt of VPD

The status of application will change in online portal after approximately 4-6 weeks. Then, you will get the result of your evaluation (V.P.D) via e-mail and by post.

Sending VPD and application to university

Read evaluation result attentively. If you find everything in order. Then put VPD together with all documents and send to university of choice.

Note: You cannot use one V.P.D for all the universities. Uni-assist issue one V.P.D only for one German university. So, get V.P.D according to the number of universities of choice. You can apply for one or more universities at the time of application at My assist portal.

Validity of VPD

You can apply for V.P.D at any time. Because, it remained valid for the period of one year.

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