If you are planning to move to Hannover that is the capital city of German state lower Saxony. Then I can tell you that it’s a good decision. But you have to know some important things as a student before moving to this city.

It’s a quiet nice and beautiful city but not as big as Hamburg. It also don’t offer so much tourist attractions except few historical churches and beautiful gardens. Despite of tourism in which most of the students have no interest, it offer lots of of part time, full time and mini job opportunities for students. That is a good thing if you are planning to study in Hannover or want to move in this city.

If we analyze how expensive this city is, then I can said that it’s in the middle range. If you compare it with nearest big city Hamburg then it’s definitely cheaper. But if you compare it with nearest state Saxony cities like Dresden and Leipzig then its expensive. Prices are sometimes higher because of less availability of accomodations. Transport tickets are also reasonable and affordable for students especially if you get student monthly ticket. This city also provide so many libraries that is a good thing for students. Library card cost just 5 euro and you can get access of all the libraries of Hannover with this card.

Before telling you all the good things. I want to tell you some hard facts of this city. First hard fact is related to accommodation. Finding an accommodation in Hannover is like climbing the K2. Because this city has less or already occupied residential buildings. You can hardly find new construction sites in Hannover. So, try to find accommodation in Hannover as early as possible. Also must explore surrounding cities of Hannover like Langenhan, Seelze etc. If you are studying in local university like in Leibniz University Hannover then must check accommodations first in Studentenwerk Hannover. Generally a single room in a shared apartment (WG) cost 300 to 350 euros.

Tip: Beware of a WG in Hannover called WG Fischer. They offer very expensive shared and single rooms on Facebook group / page and on EbayKleinanzeigen. My personal experience with them was worse in my life. They showed one apartment usually that is clean, beautiful and attractive, took deposit and said that it’s already occupied and give you another 3rd class room with two people shared one room. They also play tricks to get more money from you on the name of water, heating and electricity use and try to deduct your deposit as much as they can with dirty tactics. Always better to ask first students living in these WG’s and then decide to shift.

Second hard fact about this city is to find an appointment for city registration and visa extension. So, try to find appointment for city registration ( meldebescheinigung ) as early as possible or in advance. It’s hard to find an urgent appointment if you need meldebescheinigung urgently. Visa extension appointment is also have same kind of issue. So book appointment in Ausländerbehörde also in advance or earlier. Both Bürgeramt and Ausländerbehörde offer an online appointment system. Where you can check available appointment date and book according to your desire. If you don’t have internet then just visit Bürgeramt personally and get appointment from one of the information counter. Similarly you can get visa extension appointment from room 18 that situated on ground floor in Ausländerbehörde Hannover.

After explaining these hard facts, now I will tell you about good things. One is job availability in this city as I explained above. Students can easily get mini jobs, side jobs or full time jobs in this city. Minijob opportunities are mostly available in Burger King, McDonald’s, Teamwork instore services and warehouses situated in Langenhan. So many big companies have their warehouses in Langenhan. So with studies you can easily earn some pocket money in this city.

To get minijon in McDonald’s Hannover visit their job portal and apply online. To do job in Burger King, visit any BK restaurant personally with your documents and try to meet with restaurant manager. If they need work force then they will hire you immediately. Keep in mind, you need Gesundheitszeugnis ( health certificate ) to do job in these or other restaurants. This info is for new students who came to Germany first time.

Here hard fact is that; you have to get an early appointment also for health certificate. Book earlier online or on phone before planning to work in restaurant. Hannover health department usually give appointment from next month dates. So if you have time then book appointment in Hannover. Otherwise in Peine that is the nearest city. Peine health department normal give appointment on same day or next. This certificate cost around 27 euros with approximately one hour instruction session.

Secondly students enjoy in this city discounted monthly bus tickets. Hannover university students definitely get semester tickets. But other students who came here for internships or thesis writing. They can get student discounted tickets; like for two zone discounted price is only 55 euros. Visit local transport offices likes Üstra, GVH or DB with your student card or matriculation certificate and get these weekly or monthly tickets. Keep in mind before use of these discounted tickets; first time get a customer card with first student ticket from above mentioned offices and then later you can take this ticket directly from ticket machines. Many students use it first time without customer card and hunted with fine.