VFS Visa Process for Indian Students:

If you are a highly professional or skilled person and want to pursue master, doctoral or postdoctoral studies in Germany. Then you don’t need to follow this visa process.

You can apply directly through VFS Global service India. VFS Global means ‘Visa Facilitation Services Global’. It’s an external visa service for highly professional people that have been outsourced by German mission India. So that highly professional people will not wait for a long visa procedure like normal students.

If you have a conditional offer letter or admission letter from a German university and want to pursue bachelor, master, doctoral or postdoctoral degrees in Germany. Then you have to follow this normal 9-step student visa process.

9-Step German Student Visa Process for Indian Students:

Step 1 – Find a German University for Admission

Find a German university for admission in the first step of the student visa process. Students who want to study bachelor in Germany, they must search for Studienkolleg. Master, doctoral and postdoctoral students must find a German university for admission.

You can find German universities on the following portals.

Review the admission deadlines and document requirements of the chosen university. Generally, the following deadlines are used to apply for admission to German universities.

  • Winter Semester 2020: Admission deadline is 15th July
  • Summer Semester 2020: Admission deadline is 15th January

Send all the documents that are mentioned on the university website for admission. Send scanned copies of original documents for online applications. Use notary attested copies of original documents to send the application by post. Don’t send original documents to any university.

You can apply for admission to more than one German university at a time. Some universities accept direct admissions on their online portals and others accept via Uni-assist. Check the admission procedure on the website of chosen universities for these details.

Step 2 – Secure Admission and get Admission Letter

You will get an offer letter/admission letter once the university will accept your application. German universities usually send offer letters in 4-6 weeks.

Step 3 – Open Blocked Account/Sperrkonto

After getting an admission letter/offer letter from a German university open a blocked account. You can open a blocked account in a German bank or Indian Kotak Mahindra Bank. There is no restriction to choose any specific bank from available options. You can open a blocked account according to your own choice. According to the new German law, you will deposit 10,236 euros in a blocked account.

Commonly, these German banks offer blocked accounts/Sperrkonto facilities to international students.

If you don’t want to open a blocked account in a German bank. Then you can also open blocked accounts in following Indian banks.

A blocked account of the above-mentioned banks fulfills all the visa requirements of the German Embassy India. If you want to open a blocked account in Kotak Mahindra Bank then you need to open a second account in a German bank after arrival in Germany. You need a second account to transfer money from Kotak Mahindra Bank to this German bank account.

If you want to open a blocked account in CKFSL then you don’t need to open a second account. Because CKFSL blocked account directly works with Commerzbank Germany.

Step 4 – Get Visa Appointment

Get an appointment date in your desired Embassy/Consulate after opening the blocked account. You can check the website of German missions India to know the exact location of the German embassy or consulate that belongs to your residence. Try to get an appointment date as early as possible.

Step 5 – Document Preparation

Arrange all the required documents after getting an appointment date. Indian students need the following documents to get a student visa (National visa) for Germany.

  • University admission letter/offer letter
  • Blocked account/Scholarship/Sponsor letter
  • Valid passport
  • Biometric pictures
  • Motivation letter
  • IELTS or German language proficiency certificate (depends on your course/university requirement)
  • Proof of payment in case university offer paid courses
  • Educational documents
  • Travel health insurance
  • Visa application form (available on embassy website)
  • Declaration on true and complete information (available on embassy website)
  • Print of appointment email

Step 6 – Interview Preparation

Try to prepare a visa interview in advance after the preparation of necessary documents. Better preparation will give you more confidence and a full grip on information. A list of the most asked questions during a German student visa interview.

Step 7 – Get a Demand Draft to Pay Visa Fee

Download a demand draft from the website of the German embassy India to pay the visa fee. You will pay the visa fee at the time of the interview or submission of the visa file. The visa fee is nonrefundable and the demand draft must not be older than 2 months. The visa fee for a German national visa is 6,000 INR.

Step 8 – Appear in German Embassy/Consulate

Appear in the German embassy or consulate with all required documents on the day of the scheduled appointment date. Give an interview, submit your visa file and get a student visa.

Step 9 – Fly to Germany

Get a passport from the German embassy/consulate with Schengen-visa-stamp, get the earliest available flight, and fly to Germany. Don’t forget to do shopping according to this luggage-recommendation.

Once you will arrive in Germany then don’t forget to do these necessary things [Link]. These things will help to make your stay in Germany more comfortable.

FAQs About the Visa Process for Indian Students:

How long does it take to get a German student visa in India?

The processing time for a student visa is currently between 5 to 10 weeks in German embassy India. So, you must start your visa process 3-4 months before the start of the course.

Can I use a bank loan letter instead of a blocked account to get a student visa?

No, loan letters are not accepted by the German embassy. You have to arrange a sponsor letter, scholarship or a blocked account to get the visa.