German States thinking to introduce tuition fees in universities for all non EU students

Germany became the first most popular destination for international students as non English speaking country. This fact revealed by a recent report published by a German organization Daad. Germany is popular destination among international students because of low tuition fees and high standard education system with reasonable living costs.

But recently many things are happening that can be alarming for non EU students and can restrict them to come to this country. One recent development was to increase blocked account amount from 8640 to 10236. This increase not only raise concerns of students already studying in Germany. But those who want to come to Germany in future for higher studies.

Second thing that increasing concerns of non Eu students related to tuition fees. In past few months, so many rumors were spreading that German Government is thinking to implement tuition fees in universities for non EU students. But recently, a report of German newspaper DW confirms that, all the German states are thinking to implement tuition fees in universities. This fee will only charged to non Eu students and expected amount will be 1500 euros per semester.

Authorities think that by charging these fees, they can increase the revenue of the universities. Later this revenue will help to enhance the standard of universities. But students think totally opposite. Like one student have opinion that: Germany is a rich european country and free education is the signature of this country. That is the only thing makes it popular among non EU students. That’s why it would be better for Germany to keep the current free education system for non EU students. Students are already bringing huge amount of money in the form of blocked accounts. All this money they spend here that supporting the German economy. So earning money also from other way is not a good decision.

You know one German state Baden-Württemberg already tried to implement tuition fees for non EU students. When Baden-Württemberg tried to implement tuition fees for non EU students and then overall number of international students reduced in this state. Here interesting fact was that, number of non EU students increased in one university of this state. That university were University of Freiberg and number of non EU students increased by 100 percent according to university officials. This increased number also included huge number of students belongs to poor countries. This increased number and additional revenue gave direction to other German states to rethink and implement tuition fees in their states also.

Success of TU Freiberg experiment encourage authorities to rethink their decision of free education and to implement tuition fees for non EU students. But still this topic is under discussion and many critics are criticizing this development. I hope authorities will rethink and not implement tuition fees for non EU students. Because students of underdeveloped countries like Pakistan and India will not afford this increase. Tution fees will doubled their expenses and these students will definitely think about other options that can be change the position of number 1 student destination.

Free education system is one of the major attraction for non EU students. It make high standard education easily accessible for these students whose parents can easily afford to pay their living expenses in Germany.

FAQs about tuition fee increase:

How much money German states want to implement as tuition fee in universities for non EU students?

Expected amount is around 1500 euros per semester.

Is any German public sector university already charging fee to non EU students?

Yes, like TU Freiberg is currently charging same kind of fees to non EU students.

Is German Government is thinking about this or its a decision of states?

According to new sources, all 16 states of Germany rethinking to increase tuition fees.

If tuition fees increased then students also have to pay semester ticket fee or it will be included in tuition fee?

Right now I can said anything on this. If you talk about current private universities then these universities take tution fee and semester ticket separately.

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