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Best German language books for beginners

It is necessary to talk with natives to learn the German language but you cannot start a conversation if you don’t have the basic vocabulary of the German language. You need some good books to learn basic German skills. That’s why I am going to recommend the best German language books for beginners.

These books will give you the confidence to start a conversation with Germans. You can not only use these skills in face to face chatting with native speakers but also use on social media platforms. In this way, you can improve your German language skills very quickly.

These are not that kind of boring books which will lose your interest in learning. These books will help you to develop a well-rounded knowledge of German grammar, verbs, and vocabulary. Most of the language teachers also suggest these German language books for beginners.

5 best German language books for beginners:

1 – Langenscheidt Wie heisst das?

It’s a very good pocketbook to learn a very basic vocabulary of the German language. This book includes 800 colorful pictures & 1,000 words from key areas of everyday life in Germany. All the information in this book is in both English and German language.

All the basic vocabulary sorted by themed chapters for easy understanding. I think its a must book to buy and keep in the bag. You can use the basic German vocabulary of this book in your daily life after moving to Germany. This book is number 1 on the list of best books to learn basic German.

2 – Collins Easy Learning: Complete German Grammar+Verbs+Vocabulary

Its a very good book to learn basic vocabulary, verbs and grammar. It is also very helpful to use this book for daily conversations. This one book is a combination of three books grammar, verbs and vocabulary.

The grammar section provides easily accessible information about German grammar. The verbs section includes 127 fully conjugated regular and irregular verbs. The vocabulary section covers 50 topics like family, free time, careers, computing, education, food and drink, health, and shopping. This book is with English explanations and translations. This book is number 2 on the list of best books to learn basic German.

3 – Langenscheidt Sprachkurs Deutsch Bild für Bild

‘Langenscheidt Sprachkurs Deutsch Bild für Bild’ has a very useful learning material. This book provides vocabulary and conversations from A1 to A2 level.

The complete book is with English explanations and translations that are easy to understand. It’s a great book for beginners, especially for visual learners. It covers stories from everyday life. This book contains colorful photos and interesting graphics that can arouse your interest to read it daily. This book is number 3 on the list of best books to learn basic German.

4 – Langenscheidt Go Smart Grammatik Deutsch

‘Langenscheidt Go Smart Grammatik’ is a very good German grammar guide. It makes grammar easy to understand for everyone.

It’s an ideal handy book for self-study. Most of the German teachers use this in their classes for grammar exercises.

This guide is in German language but it’s very easy to understand if your German level is A1 to A2. This book is number 4 on the list of best books to learn basic German.

5 – Langenscheidt Universal Dictionary German

Dictionary is one of the most important things to learn any language. That’s why try to get a useful dictionary as early as possible. ‘Langenscheidt Universal Dictionary – German’ is a very useful dictionary and always recommended by German teachers. This dictionary translates 50,000 words from German to English and English to German. It also includes very useful material like job cover letters, German CV formats, applications for accommodation, email samples and many more.

This dictionary also includes a free code to access Langenscheidt mobile dictionary which is normally a paid mobile dictionary. You can download this mobile dictionary from the App Store and unlock it with the provided code. This book is number 5 on the list of best books to learn basic German.

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