Degree Attestation from HEC Regional Center Lahore

Degree Attestation from HEC Regional Center Lahore

First, complete your degree. To be honest you cannot get your degree attested without completing it first. Haha, jokes apart, let’s start with the process.

  1. Create an account on the HEC’s online portal.
  2. Upload all the documents. Documents include your SSC and HSSC certificates, your transcript of bachelor and the certificate (front side only) and your CNIC (front and back, both sides).
  3. Apply for degree attestation. They will initially scrutinize it online. Process normally took 2 weeks, some other guy’s took 2 days, some other guy’s took 2 months! So it varies. Be patient !!
  4. After the scrutiny, they will send you an email and a text message to book your appointment. Book the date you find convenient.
  5. You will get an application form along with a challan form. On the challan form it is written that the fee will be paid in the HBL Factory area branch. But, you don’t have to pay fee there. Fee will be paid on the day of appointment, so you need not to worry.
  6. Now, on the day of appointment you need to take the original documents along with 1 set of their photocopies. Documents are the same, your SSC and HSSC certificates plus bachelor certificate and transcript and your CNIC. ORIGINAL PLUS 1 SET OF PHOTOCOPIES of all the documents. Do NOT forget this !!
  7. Reach the HEC Lahore office at your appointment time.
  8. Take the token, sit and relax. They have very good air conditioners. You’ll be notified about your turn on a TV screen they have placed in the waiting area. Your token number has been called, go to the designated counter, submit all the documents, he will verify it and will tell you to go to counter no.3. There you will pay the fee. After paying the fee, the counter guy will tell you to go to counter no.2 and there you will submit your documents, the counter guy will stamp them in a very professional manner and will tell you to come after some time to collect your attested documents. He will also give you a receipt with your collection number written on it and that is it. Sit and relax.
  9. After the announced time, they will start calling the applicants. It goes like this, “Number 1 se 10 tak counter number 1 par ajaen … Number 11 se 20 tak counter number 2 par ajaen.”
  10. Receive your attested documents! Check them and finally you just got your documents attested. Simple and easy! That’s all.

Documents Checklist:

  1. SSC certificate + 1 photocopy both sides.
  2. HSSC certificate + 1 photocopy both sides.
  3. Bachelor certificate + 1 photocopy both sides.
  4. Bachelor transcript + 1 photocopy both sides.
  5. Original CNIC + 1 photocopy both sides.

Attestation Cost:

PKR 800/- per original document and PKR 500/- per photocopy. The above mentioned photocopies are mandatory and they are not attested rather they are for HEC’s record.

If you need to get photocopies attested too, bring those yourself. The above 1 photocopy per document is mandatory, is not attested and thus, not charged for.

NOTE: Attestation of SSC and HSSC documents from IBCC is NOT mandatory to get attestation from HEC.