Checklist for German Student Visa

Checklist for German Student Visa

German embassy required 2 sets of all the documents according to this checklist. You must prepare both set with A4 size photocopies. Along these two, you make one set with all original documents.

German embassy and consulate don’t take original documents. So, keep original documents in one set and prepare other two files with photocopies. Main checklist will remain same. Further you can attach additional documents to prove your case in a better way.

Checklist or arrangement of documents is as follows:

  1. Original passport + previous passports
  2. Visa application Form with 2 Biometric pictures
  3. Admission letter from the University
  4. Proof of Blocked account or scholarship award or official obligation/invitation letter from immigration office in Germany
  5. CV
  6. All educational certificates with transcripts attested by HEC starting with the latest degree, school certificates
  7. TOEFL/IELTS, German language certificate if applicable
  8. Experience certificates
  9. Bank statement of Father/Mother of the past 6 months with a copy of their ID card. If it’s a bank statement of a sibling then birth certificate/ID card copy/ B form with English translations, to prove the relationship
  10. Your bank statement in case you don’t have father/mother’s bank statement. (Optional)
  11. Passport copy page 1 and 2
  12. ID card copy
  13. Polio certificate
  14. Travel health insurance
  15. Accommodation proof (if you have)
  16. Applicants declaration
  17. Security questionnaire
  18. Appointment email
  19. Copy of AMEX receipt

Note: Try to take clear photocopies of both sets on A4 size paper. Use biometric photos instead photoshopped photos. First attest all degrees and certificates then attach their photocopies. Fill visa application form in computer not by hand.