Can I take admission in Germany with two year bachelor?

Can I take admission in Germany with two year bachelor?

Countries around the world now have four year bachelor degrees. But in Pakistan, universities are still offering two year bachelor degrees. Funny thing is, these degrees are still recognized from HEC (Higher education commission of Pakistan). Most famous two year bachelors are: bachelor of arts (BA), bachelor of commerce ( and bachelor of science (BSc).

I think these degrees are still existing in this country. Because elite class is still ruling in this country and two year bachelor degree is a shortcut for their children to get high positions like bureaucratic posts. So, just to get a little advantage, they are destroying the future of current generation or a part of generation that also prefer two year bachelor because it’s easy for them. No doubt almost all the universities are now offering four year bachelor degrees. But still they are also offering two year bachelor, that is an attraction for lazy students.

If students get a master with two year bachelor degree then it has worth and give more job opportunities. But with only two year bachelor, now even difficult to get a normal job in Pakistan. Similarly, students who want to study further in foreign countries with two year bachelor degree. They also have to face same kind of hurdles to get admission.

Because standard university entrance qualification around the world is 12 or 13 years education and for master is four years bachelor. Two year bachelor is a half degree and fall in the middle according to international standard. That’s why when a Pakistani student apply for admission in a master degree in Germany or other countries wit two year bachelor. Then he or she straightly get the rejection.

Here interesting fact is that; with two year bachelor degree you can directly get admission in a bachelor degree in Germany. But you have to complete a foundation course. And for foundation course you have to learn German language. It means waste two year with two year bachelor in then 1 to 2 years waste to learn German than 1 year waste to complete foundation course. After that you will get admission again in bachelor degree in Germany.

If you are a rich kid and have plenty of time and money. Then no problem, just follow this path. But of you don’t have enough time and resources. Then better to go for four year bachelor in Pakistan and then apply admission directly in a master degree in Germany. Your four year degree will not only acceptable in Germany but in whole world.

That is the advice for intermediate students who always ask about two year bachelor. I hope now you will go for four year bachelor to study further in Germany. Or, you will take direct admission in foundation course ( studienkolleg ) in Germany rather than following a long path.

Now advice for students who already have two year bachelor degree in Pakistan. As I explained above, it’s difficult to get direct admission in master with only two year bachelor degree. You have to follow two paths to get successful admission in master degree in Germany.

First path is to complete two year master in Pakistan and then again apply for master degree in Germany. But why master on master? It’s same as I mentioned above, two year degree is in middle. So go one step down and take admission in bachelor or go one step up to get admission in master. I think better and most reasonable option is to go one step up. Complete two year master in Pakistan, get IELTS certificate and apply directly in master degree in Germany.

Second path is to take admission in Germany but not in master degree. This path can fulfill your dream to study in Germany but not directly in master degree. In this path; first take admission in two year master in Pakistan, complete initial two semesters and then apply for bachelor in Germany.

With this method you can skip the foundation course but you have to learn German language. Because most of the bachelor degrees in Germany are offered only in German language. It’s a one step up but two step down method. I mostly not recommend this method to students because its a waste of money and time. Why money? when bachelor is free in Germany. Bachelor is free but you have to bear living expenses.

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