Blocked account is required to apply study visa for Germany. It is basically an assurity to prove that student has enough money to cover his/her living and educational expenses during staying in Germany.

Previously students were required to block 8,640 euro in blocked account. Then they were allowed to withdraw only 720 euros per month after arrival in Germany.

But recently German Government changed the blocked amount from 8,640 euros to 10,236 euros. This law will applicable on visa applicants from 1st January, 2020. It means that all the students who want to apply study visa from 1st September, 2019 onwards are bound to block this increased amount. Why in September?

Because all the winter semester applications will end on 31st August 2019. Then students will come to Germany from around end of September or in start of October. I think German Government wants to insure that students of this intake will not get any problem and already come to Germany by following this new law.

With this increased amount of 10,236 euros, students are now allowed to withdraw 853 euros per month for living expenses. So, all the students that currently planning to apply for study visa. They must blocked 10,236 euros in blocked account according to new law.

Students may think why German Government increased this amount? I think it is because of inflation. In each country inflation rate fluctuate and Governments try to balance the affordability of common people with this inflation rate. Here German Government also try to do the same thing for international students. So they will not be affected in future inflation problems.

But don’t worry, even if this amount is 8,640 or 10,236 euros. All money is yours and you will be able to withdraw without any problem. This money is for your own peace of mind during your stay in Germany.

FAQs About Blocked Account New Amount:

I already submitted my visa application, does new law will applicable on me?

As mentioned above all applications that will submitted for next winter semester. Students required to show finances according to new law. If you already submitted your application and you know in Pakistan embassy/consulate took more time to give final visa decision. That’s why better to ask immediately from your concerned embassy/consulate. All students who want to apply from 1st of August, better for them to show new amount 10236 in blocked account.

I already transferred 8640 euros in blocked account. Now how I can increase this amount?

Better to contact with you bank and tell them you want to increase amount. Then transfer remaining amount and get blocked account confirmation with new amount of 10236 euros.